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Some critics forget a big point about Governor McCrory’s appointments: He won. He gets to pick who he wants. No matter what you think.
That said, three questions arise.

First, Tony Tata? Really? The knock on Tata as Wake school head was that he was a bully who brooked no dissent or disagreement. And that led directly to the school bus debacle. Did McCrory check that out?
That style won’t work at DOT. Worse for McCrory, it could anger legislators, DOT board members and campaign contributors.
Second, why does McCrory & Co. sound defensive about his appointments? They hasten to say his Cabinet is half Republicans and half Democrats or Independents. So what? You expect him to pick political soul mates.
Third, why call Art Pope “deputy” budget director? Yes, the Governor is Director of the Budget. But every other governor has called their pick Budget Director or Budget Officer.
Is the Governor trying to make us think Art is just a flunky? Well, we may have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night.


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2 comments on “McCrory's Picks

  1. clarence swinney says:

    WHOSE FAULT? R or D? Or both?
    1. Outsourcing industries—R & D
    2. Flush Wealth to top 10%–R tax codes
    3. Bush 1900B Tax Cuts—43% to top 5%–16% to bottom 60%
    4. Bush two war=cost2000B over a decade—ruined our reputation as a caring Christian nation
    5. Bush Part D Medicare
    6. The Middle Class has been gutted while top 10% own 73% net wealth,, 83% financial wealth-get 43% individual income paid 18% tax rate—25% get 66% income paid 15% tax rate—top 50% got 87% Income paid 12.5% tax rate—70 Million got 13% of the income.
    7. Redistribution of Wealth our biggest problem. We must tax wealth to get a balance and pay down debt. It is a sham when we tax 2100 Billion—spend 3500B—and borrow 1400B.
    Let the rich off. 14,000B Income cannot pay 3500B budget??? 37Mm tax returns paid 11.06% Tax Rate in 2009. Will we awaken?
    8. Repeal Glass Steagall allowed 10 big gambling institutions to buy up 80% of 7000 Banks.

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