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Even Governor McCrory’s critics were ready to move on, but he won’t, for reasons that are unfathomable. Instead, he takes time out of his (we assume) busy schedule to write a letter to the Charlotte Observer about his now-famous encounter with a cook at a gourmet food store.
The letter tells us a lot more than McCrory intended. It tells us that he cannot take the slightest bit of criticism. No slight is too small to offend him. He comes off as silly, petty and self-pitying.
He should just let it go. Somebody around him should say, “You are the Governor of North Carolina.  He is a cook. You’ve got more important things to do.”

As the Governor himself said in his letter, “North Carolinians deserve better.” Indeed.


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3 comments on “McCrory Jumps Back Into the Frying Pan

  1. Anonymous says:

    That response by McCrory didn’t say much. It did add some new things though. I didn’t know that McCrory was with his family. I do see the bird being inappropriate in that setting, honestly. If an employee of mine gave the bird to someone in my place of business on top of saying something inappropriate to them, you can bet your ass he’d be standing in the unemployment line. I mean, it wouldn’t have to be a governor. You can’t run a business with employees like that. So, if that happened as McCrory said it did and if his family was sitting there with him when that happened, I’m concerned that you, Gary, thought it would be appropriate and that the cook shouldn’t have been disciplined and even discharged.

    I know you want to make McCrory out be a whiner and complainer and thin skinned here with your post. But, even though I can be called biased, I disagree with you that this was a “slight too small” (especially considering his family was there) and I also disagree McCrory’s response in the letter you linked was “silly, petty and self-pitying”.

    But, innuendo and rhetoric and spin is what people in your position do. I understand your purpose here and I know your objective in posting what you posted in the way you did it. I think you’ve lowered yourself a little, Gary. This presentation by you was not your finest.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I expect that one of these days, the store’s surveillance video of the incident will emerge; showing no ‘obscene gesture’ by the cook, but a shouting McCrory – both in contrast to the Governor’s version of events.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The governor needs to hire a good Democrat to advise him. Then he could avoid a lot of these gnats and get into some real corruption. He could get the SBI to investigate some Democrat organizations. He could even give contracts to some incompetent people who donated to his campaign. Wouldn’t help much, he doesn’t own the media like the Democrats.

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