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Mayor Meeker’s spending a billion dollars on renovations downtown, building convention centers and parking decks, subsidizing hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, and turning Fayetteville Street…back into a street. What will be the result when he’s done?

Well, based on a story in the News and Observer, it looks like the Mayor may be creating a pretty exclusive enclave. A place most people in Raleigh can’t afford to live. The average price of a condominium – not a house, but a condominium – downtown is $345,000. There are dozens of condo’s, the newspaper reports, being built that are expected to sell for more than a million dollars.

Over 300,000 people live in Raleigh. Just 6,000 of them live downtown but they must be tickled to death with the Mayor. But the rest of the taxpayers must be asking themselves: Is Charlie Meeker the Mayor of all of Raleigh – or just downtown?

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