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Does Kay Hagan believe in God?

To put it bluntly, in her new ad Senator Dole answers that question – No.

Dole’s case goes like this: Something in Boston called the Godless Americans PAC held a fundraiser for Hagan. They – very clearly and outspokenly – do not believe in God. And the first twenty-five seconds of Dole’s new TV ad tells that story. How an atheist group raised money for Hagan.

Then, the announcer, speaking for Dole’s campaign, asks, What did Kay Hagan promise in exchange for the fundraiser, and a female voice, which a lot of people are going to take for Kay Hagan’s voice, answers, “There is no God.”

And, right there, Dole’s ad crosses the line. Unless, of course, Mrs. Hagan is an atheist.

What does this mean politically?

Ads that go too far backfire. And how much Dole’s ad backfires depends on one thing: Kay Hagan.

There sometimes comes a moment of truth in a campaign.

If Kay Hagan does an ad, puts it on TV, looks Elizabeth Dole in the eye and says, Elizabeth, that’s not my voice, I never said that, your ad’s false – Dole’s ad backfires.

Here’s a worse scenario: What if Jim Hunt makes that ad? What if former Governor Jim Hunt looks into the camera and says, I’ve known Kay Hagan ten years; she’s an elder in her church and a Sunday school teacher, and Elizabeth Dole, your ad crosses the line of decency and fair play. You owe Kay Hagan an apology.

My guess is the next sound you may hear will be the roof falling in on Liddy Dole.

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