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The N&O headline said “Bill would give McCrory, legislature control of some state boards.” Democrats and environmentalists howled “power grab.”
But Governor McCrory might not be so happy with the bill. Because the legislature is taking appointments away from him and increasing its own.
Exhibit A: the bill cuts the Coastal Resources Commission from 15 to 11 members. But the Governor used to appoint all the members. Now he would appoint seven and the legislature four.
Exhibit B: The Environmental Management Commission is cut from 19 to 13. The Governor’s appointments go from 13 to seven. The legislature keeps the other six.
Exhibit C: The bill takes two appointments away from the Governor and gives them to the legislature.
Republicans in the legislature may be glad to have a Republican governor. But they’re also glad to show him who’s boss.


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4 comments on “Legislative Privilege

  1. dap916 says:

    So throughout the past decades and decades and decades and decades with democratic control of the legislature and the governorship…you came out questioning the shakey dealings that took place?

    Give us a break, Gary. Sheeesh. What you need to be doing is going to the various news media sources throughout North Carolina…the newspapers, the cable people…the satellite people…everyone and anyone that you can convince to present only positive stuff about democrats and negative stuff about republicans and, just as important, avoiding presenting anything good that republicans do. There’s your best opportunity to bring North Carolina back into the democratic fold. It’s worked big time nationally for democrats. Follow that lead. Now, I’m not going to advise you any further.

  2. Carbine says:

    It’s called checks and balances, Gary. It’s a concept rooted in our country’s founding and essential to the proper functioning of democracy. Conservatives have been pushing it for years, to no avail under your old one-party regime.

    Really, you ought to read a book on American history sometime. You would be surprised at what you learn.

  3. clarence swinney says:

    Here are few reasons we spend twice that of next nation.
    Wife-High blood Pressure–$100 Nitro Patch on chest for night–$6000
    Wife high blood pressure—gave her a hand held breathalyzer-
    One in her purse cost $32—They charged $500
    Cloth gauze shoulder to elbow—Charged $600
    Roll to do two arms $20 at K Mart–
    Raise xxxx and cut to $100
    11 hours sleep check with small monitor–$4400
    I am certain these are not unusual but normal rip offs at for pro-profit hospitals.

  4. clarence swinney says:

    ITEP just released latest study.
    Combing all taxes in state and local taxes the overall effective tax rates by income group are:
    11.1% for bottom 20%
    9.4% for middle 20%
    5.6% for top one percent.
    State consumption taxes are especially regressive with average 7 percent for the poor, a 4.6 percent rate for middle incomes and a 0.9 percent rate for top incomes

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