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We defeated Libya with laser-guided missiles that, NATO said, never ever blew up anyone but the bad guys. It sounded too good to be true – and it was. Now, NATO admits, those laser-guided missiles killed a fair number of civilians – which isn’t a shock. But does leave one loose end.
It may be NATO’s generals believed the myth of laser-guided missiles but shouldn’t at least one of the Great Democracies (or someone, somewhere) have said candidly, Sure, we’ll defeat Gaddafi – but this talk of painless victory is a pipedream.


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One comment on “Laser-Guided Missiles

  1. Carbine says:

    Funny, I must have missed that NATO announcement that coalition munitions “never ever blew up anyone but the bad guys,” nor do I recall any talk about a “painless victory.” As I recall everyone was pretty clearly aware that in this conflict, as in every other conflict in human history, civilian by-standers are likely to get hurt or killed. I can’t imagine what purpose an announcement to that effect would have served; it would be on par with announcing that tomorrow the sun is expected to arise in the east.

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