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My friend and New Media guru Matt Gross argues that President Obama is wrong to keep pushing health-care reform up the steep Senate hill.
Instead, Gross says, Obama should kill the bill, blame the Republicans and go to war over the public-option issue in the 2010 elections. 
The White House is hostage to the ghost of Bill Clinton. His reform failure led to the 1994 GOP sweep. Obama will do anything to pass a bill, any bill – so long as he can call it reform.
Stop pretending it’s reform, argue Gross and progressives like Howard Dean. Stop trying to appease Joe Lieberman with what liberals see as an insurance industry bailout.
In 2010, that strategy might turn out the Obama legions from 2008.


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2 comments on “Kill the Bill

  1. -1 says:

    He’d better be credit:

    “We didn’t get this boheometh wildly unpopular healthcare bill through. And it’s all the Republicans fault.”

    That sounds like the best endorsement the GOP could get in the 2010 eleciton.

  2. Foster Sampson Wilder says:

    Gary this is where your buddies miss the mark. See most Americans have health insurance. The new proposals don’t do anything to lower the cost for most Americans; in fact one could easily argue that giving 30 million more people insurance will definitely lower the quality and availability of care. (Supply/Demand, increasing demand with a stagnate supply definitely has consequences). I bet every Republican in country would love for you to make this a 2010 issue. See those 30 million not covered don’t vote. Not saying this is morally right just stating the obvious.

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