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I thought John Kerry had done all the damage he could do to the Democratic Party in 2004.

But no.

Now he insists on being the “cut and run” face of the Democratic Party on Iraq. He angered even fellow Senate Democrats by calling for pulling out this year.

Kerry was for the war before he was against it, you will remember.

He learned one lesson from 2004: He let Howard Dean steal the antiwar wing of the party from him. He’ll never let that happen again.

Unfortunately, he may take the whole party down with him this year.

Some of my Democratic friends are mad at me about this. One told me this week: “This isn’t helping Bush. His favorable rating is up only a tick – to maybe 31 percent.”

That’s right. But that’s not the point. Bush won’t be on the ballot – not ever again.

What may be up for a national referendum this fall is the Democratic position on Iraq (cut and run) versus the Republican position (we oppose retreat and defeat).

If that happens – I believe – Democrats lose.

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2 comments on “Kerry Rides Again

  1. jstegall says:

    I’m surprised no one has pointed this out yet, but by using the phrase “cut and run” to describe the Democrat policy, the Republicans may be setting themselves up to become victims of their own success in Iraq. As Iraqis take over more responsibility for their own security, U.S. forces will be drawn down, in accordance with the president’s oft-stated plan of “as the Iraqis stand up, we’ll stand down.” But there will still be some violence on-going in the country, and dishonest pols may spin any drawdown as the president’s own version of ‘cutting and running.’ Since the salient feature of both policies (as far as the American people are concered) is that Johnny comes marching home again, it may be fairly easy to confuse people about the distinction between “cut and run” and “stand up/stand down.”

    Alternatively, the Dems may claim that the president is finally doing what they’ve been advocating all along–bringing the troops home–and declare that without their pressure it never would have happened.

  2. Braxton says:

    When that hapens, they can go find Osama.

    I think we get down to 50,000 in 18 months.

    The press will screw things up. We would have lost WWII if 24 hour news had been around.

    War is ugly, brutal, and disgusting. Let the pros do the job and forgive heaps of sins afterwards. Go back to the WWII attitude of get it done.

    What good is a soldier fighting a two front war with cable TV nwes and the insurgency?

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