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Immigration, the newspaper says, is ‘bedeviling” Congresswoman Renee Ellmers. It’s also bedeviling Speaker John Boehner. And half the Republicans in Washington.
It’s a knotty problem.
Part of the politicians have decided it’s best to send every single illegal immigrant back to where they came from – but no one’s quite sure how to go about rounding up 10 to 20 million people. 
Another group of politicians, who’re mostly Democrats, want to make all the illegal immigrants citizens. 
And, as  a sort of compromise, a third group of politicians propose to let the illegal immigrants stay here but not make them citizens.
It gets more complex.
Groups like the Farm Bureau say they desperately need workers and without illegal immigrants the crops won’t get picked.
And, to make it more complex still, amid all this hollering, no one’s answered a couple of questions.
For instance, how, in the middle of a recession with high unemployment, is there a lack of workers? Is there really no one to hire? Or are the farmers simply looking for cheap immigrant labor?
Farmers have given their answer to that question loud and clear.
But isn’t there an independent study by Harvard or North Carolina State that proves it’s a stone cold fact unemployed workers won’t touch a job on a farm with a ten foot pole?
There’s another question.
Out of the ten million or so illegal immigrants living here now there must be at least one who’s a saint. Or genius. 
Should we deport saints and geniuses?  Or let them stay here?
There’re also bound to be some thugs and gang members among the illegals. If we make everyone a citizen, what do we do about them?
The politicians are treating illegal immigrants as a class which is a lot simpler than treating people as individuals – but wouldn’t it be more practical to ship the ne’re-do-wells home and allow the saints and geniuses to stay?
Sorting out the good guys and bad guys would be another complex problem but, instead of answering tough questions, all we hear is politicians howling: Keep ‘em all here. Send ‘em all home.



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6 comments on “Keep ‘em here, Send ‘em home

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, it’s a conundrum for sure, Carter. What do we have here…10…maybe 15 million (that’s MILLION) illegal people living in America currently? Gosh. What do we do with all these people? All of them came here to “get a better life”. So, the lib/dems are all over that because it’s just so sad that these people didn’t have a good life where they were and America is such a rich and wonderful country. Makes me weep. Guess we should accept it if folks from the pits in Africa and South America and Chile and others just come here illegally to “get a better life” because…hey….America is a rich and prosperous country. Be damned our immigration laws. Pffffft. Those are so stupid, y’know?

    Our big problem, of course, is that we have millions and millions of illegal Mexican immigrants in our country. They can come here with their back packs and cross into our country in so many places it’s pathetic. No boarder control. That’s politically incorrect, don’t you know. Now……..what in the heck do we do with all of these folks? Can’t enforce our immigration laws. Those laws are too stiff, too cumbersome, too expensive now.

    How ’bout we try our best to find these ILLEGALS…(and that’s what they are regardless what the left wants to call them). Then, how ’bout we identify them and then how ’bout we give them some sort of “right” to be here with severe restrictions on what they can do and most importantly what they can GET? Give them a right to work. Give them the right to pay taxes when they DO work. Give them the right to file for citizenship just like anyone else coming here…and to be put into that mix at the time they file for citizenship even though they would most likely be put at the end of the line regardless when they came here.

    Oh, well, I guess that’s just asking too much to come to a country that offers so much and gives so much. Isn’t that just asking too much? What a freaking joke.

    Illegal is illegal. I don’t care what country you bring up, that’s how every other country deals with these folks..and even worse. Why is America being asked to be different? Stupid.

    I don’t care if these people get citizenship and vote democratic (which many won’t vote that way if they have to be required to work and become prosperous on their own). But, I DO care if they get it without doing it legally and in the right way. And, I’m CERTAIN the vast majority of my fellow Americans believe as I do.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Amnesty will end two party government. I think you laid out the situtation very well. For one thing the market place will determine the price for picking vegatables. We cry about a new minimum wage, when the farmers can’t get people to pick crops for $7.00 per hour, they will pay $10.00 rather than let them rot in the fields. Now like any capitalist system the price of food will go up. The idiots who are in favor of a minimum wage don’t understand that side of formula either. Give all the fast food workers a raise to $10.10 and watch what a quarter pounder with cheese cost the consumer. Some people call that economics. No easy answer on amnesty, only problems. Why did we allow an illegal thing to get this far gone. If we didn’t stop shoplifters for 10 years wonder where that would get to now. I still think the best possible answer is to kill all the lawyers.

  3. Anonymous says:

    When it comes to agriculture, there is a simple solution, and one that worked well before Cesar Chavez and the Democrats killed it, and that was the Bracero program. Under the Bracero program, contractors brought in temporary agricultural workers from Mexico and were responsible for them, and for getting them back to where they came from after the harvest. Temporary agricultural work visas are all that is required. There is absolutely no reason to offer citizenship or residency, but instead bring them when farmers need them and then send them home. Unfortunately Chavez was looking to grow his labor union and believed that the Bracero program stood in its way, so he lobbied Democrats to end it.

    Other countries do essentially the same thing as the Bracero program, with bringing temporary agricultural workers, sometimes from former Soviet countries, and then sending them home after the harvest. The United States itself has a successful temporary worker program, Work and Travel, for foreign college students, mostly from eastern Europe, to come to the US and work in summer tourism related jobs and then go home in the Fall. It works.

    Then there are other industries which once had lots of American citizen workers who were paid decent wages, until the illegal Mexicans ran them out and largely took over the jobs there. The construction industry is one of those. We owe it to our own citizens to run the illegal interlopers from Mexico back home so that our own citizens can have those jobs again. And we need to crack down hard on those who employ illegal aliens in such jobs.

    It is also necessary to consider fairness to those who apply legally to come to the US, are turned down, and then obey the law by staying in their home country. It would be an appalling betrayal of the law abiders to give amnesty to the law breakers. That means amnesty of ANY sort, whether residency or citizenship. If we need more immigrants, they should come entirely from those who apply legally, not from pushy lawbreaking Mexican line jumpers.

    We don’t need to try to pick good from bad illegal aliens. If they have thumbed their nose at our immigration laws and sneaked in illegally, they need to be sent home. Period. There are too many well qualified people who want to come here but respect our laws to give any slots to the lawbreakers unless they go home and apply legally. We are a nation of laws, not of ideological expediency.

    As to politicians who support amnesty, they need to be defeated, and that includes virtually all Democrats and some renegade Republicans who are betraying the principles on amnesty for illegals set out in the Republican platform. One such betrayer is Thom Tillis who told the NC Farm Bureau that he supports a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens. Another pair at the Congressional level are Renee Ellmers and David Rouzer. Fortunately, all of those pro-amnesty Republicans have primary opponents who oppose amnesty. Amnesty is an issue that should bedevil those who support it all the way to electoral defeat.

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