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Sometimes you have to wonder what planet politicians come from.

Everyone living on Planet Earth knows the North Carolina Senate isn’t anything like a summer camp of fellowship and bi-partisan comity. For a decade Democratic wheelhorse Marc Basnight has passed down orders and the boys have lined up like a cadre of linebackers and rolled downfield over Republicans. The New England Patriots went 17-1 last year. But Basnight’s got a perfect record going back ten years.

One of the terminators charging down the field in the middle of Basnight’s line has been Senator Kay Hagan. When Republicans wanted to debate the budget Hagan voted no. She feels the same way about Republican amendments. Only they don’t even vote on them. They just rule them out of order and move on.

So it was a bit of a shock when Mrs. Hagan bragged she could “work across party lines to end the partisan bickering.”

Personally, I prefer Basnight’s candor. He’s a tough old bird. But he’s never wasted a breath mouthing platitudes. And nobody’s ever hurt his feelings by calling him too partisan.

Hagan, on the other hand, cracks Republicans’ heads – then bats her eyes telling voters she’s a bi-partisan goody two-shoes.

Well, Republicans took one look at her exposed chin and swung from the hip. In a web ad. Saying when it comes to bi-partisanship not only does Kay Hagan have clay feet – she’s wearing spiked heels.

Now voters are waiting for Mrs. Hagan to respond. And illuminate her record in the Senate. So, come on, Kay, tell us – without blushing – how you and Marc have been sitting around the campfire singing “Kumbaya” with Republicans.

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