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Why do congressional Republicans keep jumping off the cliff – and taking the country with them? Don’t they see the political trap that President Obama has sprung on them?
You could enjoy what they’re doing to themselves politically if you didn’t hate what they’re doing to the country economically.
Here’s just part of the sequestration toll in North Carolina, according to theCharlotte Observer and News & Observer: “Hundreds of North Carolina teachers would lose their jobs, many families across the state would no longer get help with preschool or day care for their children, and 22,000 civilians who work for the military in the state would face pay cuts.”
Nationally, unemployment will go up.  Economic growth will go down.  The recovery from recession will be slowed.
Worst of all, lines at airports will get longer and slower. Now you’re talking a real crisis.
Republicans have convinced themselves – again – that their strategy is a winner. They are blinded by ideology. They hate government so much they thinks everybody hates it. They’re already forgotten how Obama won an election they were certain he would lose.
So Obama just goes up to bat every day and hits another one out the park on them.
One of two things is certain to happen at this rate: Republicans will eventually wake up and change, or they will get their brains beat in at the ballot box, and it won’t matter.


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3 comments on “Kamikaze Republicans

  1. Carbine says:

    I doubt very much that most people will notice the minuscule cuts that the sequester brings. The most serious ones affect the military, but those can be managed. Obama has been lying (as usual) about the severity of the cuts and his responsibility for them (which is not reasonably questionable; it’s been proved over and over that the sequester was HIS proposal). When the sequester happens and the sun comes up the next day anyway it will be just one more piece of evidence of his dishonesty with the American people.

    And what’s this “recovery from the recession” you mention, Gary? On what planet has our economy been in a recovery?

  2. Chris says:

    It’s $85 billion in cuts out of a $3,800 budget. Claiming that tiny cut will cause a catastrophe is like claiming an elephant will die because you cut a few hairs off its tail.

    Now, there may a trap. Here’s what it looks like: (a) $85B cut goes into place; (b) Obama orders the executive branch to make cuts in the most public-impacting way possible. (c) Obama says “Look what the Republicans did.”

    Unfortunately, “If you cut my budget, I’ll be forced to shoot this puppy” is an old political trick. Thankfully, some in the press (and not just on Fox) aren’t falling for it anymore.

  3. dap916 says:

    I wondered when the democratic “talking points” would come out here. First, Gary, the Charlotte paper isn’t saying what you’ve said here…it is reporters that are saying that (and for some reason that link isn’t working, not sure the cause). And, they’re just regugigating what Obama & Co. is saying. And, most of it is just so much B.S. I agree with you on one thing, though. Republicans are idiots for how they’re handling these absurd and ludicrous numbers being floated all over every kind of media you can possibly imagine.

    First, even IF sequestration happens, government will spend BILLIONS more than last year. So, um, just what is it we’re spending all that EXTRA money on so that all these kids won’t have daycare and preschool and all these teachers will lose jobs (and doesn’t the state pay teacher’s pay?) and so forth???? And, who is verifying all of this is going to happen in the first place? Were talking 2% of our national budget that is trillions of dollars. 2%. You just GOTTA know that a few less vacations for the Obamas and getting rid of the ridiculous Obamaphone giveaway and controlling runaway fraud within our food stamp program would come up with FAR more than is needed to stop the sequestration. But, no…this is a perfect opportunity for the democrats and Obama specifically to lay blame on republicans for anything and everything that could or would happen here. Obama wants to win back the U.S. House so he can have free reign on all legislation giving him a fast track for his agenda…and it would take a fool to not know what he ultimtely wants for America to become.

    Sometimes I think it would be perfect strategy for ALL republican legislators to just show up for every vote for everything put forward in the House and just vote “present” and let the democrats have their way on every single piece of legislation they want….let Obama get his way on everything. Then, there’s no way any blame can be laid on republicans by either the administration or their lapdog press.

    Obama and the democrats have the upper hand right now…they’ve got the ability to present anything they want to the mass public true or false…right or wrong and do it with impunity. The press sure isn’t going to “investigate” anything he says or do any kind of legitimate fact checking, you know that. Republicans are afraid to challenge anything said or done for fear of a backlash by the media which many believe would cost them their jobs back home in their districts.

    Republicans won’t “eventually wake up and change” as you said, Gary. They’ll just continue to be idiots, methinks.

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