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Well, looking back, it was bound to happen. 
First, John Boehner decided to sue Obama for not enforcing the Obamacare laws and most of the House Republicans went along on the theory even if they didn’t like Obamacare the laws are the laws and the President can’t just change one whenever it suits him.
Then never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, to turn the tables on Republicans, Obama rolled out a bevy of spokesmen who proclaimed, Boehner’s getting ready to impeach the President, which worked out fine for Obama and brought the Democrats a windfall of cash from agitated Obama supporters.
Of course, on the other hand, most people sloughed off the whole brouhaha as just one more example of political foolishness – except for one group of folks who devoutly hoped it was true: The Tea Partiers.
To them impeaching Obama sounded just fine. 
Next, right in the middle of the impeachment flap, Attorney General Roy Cooper stood up and announced he wasn’t going to lift a finger to fight the federal court ruling that could strike down North Carolina’s gay marriage ban.
Amendment One, Cooper said, was kaput.
And from there it was inevitable.
Impeachment was infectious.
So we shouldn’t have been surprised when a State Senator, speaking to his local Tea Party group, announced he wanted to impeach Attorney General Cooper, added the Republican leaders in Raleigh were just the folks to do it, and added the wheels were already in motion.
What State Senator Norm Sanderson missed was what struck him – and the Tea Partiers – as a grand idea didn’t look so grand elsewhere; his call to impeach Roy Cooper landed in the News and Observer with a dull, uncomfortable thud and the Senate Republican leadership, sensing a backfire, announced no one, nowhere, no how in the State Senate was planning to impeach Roy Cooper and, suddenly, Senator Sanderson vanished as if he’d been quarantined.


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3 comments on “Infectious?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know where these dumb Republicans have been living for the last few decades. They should know that laws are mere suggestions and are not something to be followed. Besides that it was a real dumb move to not consult the N&O before making a speech to a radical Tea Party group. You would think they would have learned something by now. I guess we get a rogue Republican out there spouting stupid remarks from time to time, perhaps he will be roped in and taught a lesson. The Democrats and the media control North Carolina and don’t you forget it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is hardly the first time that political hack Roy Cooper has violated his oath of office to defend the state Constitution. It seems a habit with him when it is politically convenient for his purposes.

    One remembers, for example, the lawsuit to enforce the state Constitution provisions on redistricting, which a Democrat legislature was thumbing its nose at. Not only did Roy Cooper refuse to defend the state Constitution, he actually went to court to fight for those ATTACKING the state Constitution and asking that it NOT be enforced.

    Obviously an oath of office means nothing to political hack Roy Cooper. He will put his hand on the Bible and then lie through his teeth.

    And there have been lots of reasons over the years to remove political hack Roy Cooper from office, such as the corruption scandals at the SBI which he heads. Roy Cooper is unfit for any office and the sooner he is gone the better.

    Impeaching Obama is a dumb idea as the votes are not there in the Senate to remove him. Impeaching Cooper would just allow our highly politicized leftwing press to make a martyr out of the scoundrel.

  3. Anonymous says:

    No high-ranking state politician or national politician in office will be impeached these days. That’s especially the truth if it is a democrat. That would bring the wrath of the liberal media (which is the majority of our media today in America). It would backfire in a big way and because of that, neither political party would try to achieve it.

    Cooper is not going to defend anything that is anti-liberal/progressive. He’s no different than Eric Holder. This man has almost completely stopped prosecution of laws that go against the liberal/progressive/democratic agenda. There has been some teaparty talk about impeaching him….but, that’s just talk.

    I know that you are a part of the “establishment republican aparatus” in our state and that you consider the teaparty a threat to that aparatus. You make light of the “bull mooses”…but, next time you look in the mirror, check to make sure you’re not one of them.

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