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The train wreck hit so unexpectedly and with such force that, after standing his ground through the opening chaos, the President retreated which turned out to be like pouring gas on the fire – the partisan bickering soared. And Obama’s poll numbers tanked. And now listening to the wise men in Washington that was all that mattered: The President’s poll numbers dropping and Republican poll numbers rising.
But beyond the ruins of Washington politics the demise of Obamacare may be a sign of a subtler miscalculation: Not too long ago, from Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, Utopian (or, yes, Communist) governments filled rooms with geniuses who dutifully gave birth to Five-Year Plans and Ten-Year Plans and Great Leaps Forward which grey-faced apparatchiks, without pity or remorse, promulgated to build a workers’ paradise – then they learned a terrible lesson: Government-run economies didn’t work. Geniuses, even with the best of intentions, were frail vessels when faced with the unexpected, the unseen, and the ghost in the machine.
President Obama, with all good intentions, started out with a vision of a kind of health care paradise and had his own rooms filled with geniuses who dutifully plan the first step down the yellow brick road – and now he finds himself scrambling to turn back the hands of the clock.
So perhaps the lesson to be learned from Obamacare’s rollout isn’t a three-point swing in a generic ballot question in a poll – it’s humility. And a reminder that geniuses are still no match for the ghost in the machine.


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One comment on “Humility

  1. Choo says:

    Well said. However I don’t think the left will ever learn. There will be discovered a gene that exsist only in progressives, communist, that doesn’t allow them to learn from failures. The failures do not need to be generations appart, but can be all in one life time and still lessons are not learned. It would be so nice to isolate all the communist into several states and put the capitalist in other states and let the experiment begin. The communist would never agree to that because they need producers to provide for those that produce nothing, but live off the producers. I guess it’s that ghost you speak of that prevents the communist from ever seeing the error of their ways. If they could see it, they might never try it again. They always think they are smarter than the last failure.

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