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It’s shameful that Republicans believe their political future rests on voter suppression. But Democrats can turn this chicken shit into chicken salad.
First they tell voters: “Republicans are doing all they can to make sure only angry old white men can vote. If you’re young, old, a minority or anyone who doesn’t look like them, they want to keep you from voting. How do you like that?”
Second, use it as an organizing tool. Keep the Obama field and volunteer armies angry, energized and working. Get a voter ID for everybody who needs one. And make sure they vote in 2014.
For Republicans, this is like immigration. There is short-term gain in suppressing Democratic voters, just as there is short-term gain in demonizing immigrants. But the 2012 presidential election shows there is also a long-term price to pay.
Democrats have to make them pay.


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4 comments on “How Democrats Can Win on Voter ID

  1. Carbine says:

    A real pro doesn’t drink his own Kool-aide, Gary. “Voter suppression?” Only the dimmest of the dim buy that.

    I hope your side continues to beat that drum, however. As voter ID becomes law and voter participation actually INCREASES your party’s lies will become obvious to everyone. Moreover, as new voters have the experience of showing their IDs and casting their ballots they will see that it’s not the boogy man you Dems have been making it out to be. They will also begin to feel they have a stake in guaranteeing legitimate outcomes, and they will see for themselves how voter ID guards their vote against being cancelled out by frauds.

    Another thing–I’ve been telling people for years that the Democrats’ strategies are leaning more and more on making people angry about phony problems, and scaring people with lies about their opponents, rather than offering a serious, practical plan for governance. Most Democratic strategists deny this. It’s refreshing to see one finally admit to it. It’s how you all managed to elect your Lord &Savior to the presidency, but like all mob-rousing strategies (Lennin’s Bolshevick revolution, Hitler’s Nazi putsch, Castro’s take-over of the Cuban revolution, etc.) it won’t end well.

  2. Chris says:

    Get a Voter ID for everybody who needs one? Great. 99.9999% of people already have them. That’s the big lie from the Democratic party — they’re acting like there are millions of legitimate voters running around without ID. Completely bogus.

    You need ID to drive, to get foodstamps, to claim Social Security, to apply for a job, etc….. Vanishingly few people legitimately don’t have ID.

    On the other hand, you have the integrity of the voting system. Election night eve, I was at an event for my son, and ran into one of his friends’ mom. She was LIVID because when she went to the polls that day, somebody else had already voted in her name. SHe did cast a ‘provisional’ ballot (which may, or may not have been counted), but the original vote was clearly counted, and fraudulently so.

    So, yes, PLEASE go out and make sure that legitimate voters have ID. I encourage you to do so. Perhaps then we can put aside this asinine argument that it’s possible to get along in today’s society without it.

  3. dap916 says:

    Double-posting, as usual.

    The ONLY reason to not have voter ID is so that people can vote without having to prove who they are and to thwart the voting system in America. Everything presented in defense of NOT having voter ID is just a ruse. The democrats/liberals fight it because they know it helps them when people vote that aren’t actually registered and the republicans/conservatives support voter ID because they know why the democrats/liberals support is.

    End of story.

  4. wafranklin says:

    Is there something in the water hereabouts that makes people stone frigging stupid and crazy to boot. Voter ID is simple voter suppression, as are all the ALEC initiated tricks and tactics by the axxhxxxx Republicans in this state. Is it not good enough that Pope Art bought you your own legislature and governor – no you want to pxxx in the well also. A curse upon you for seven generations and your kith and kin also.

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