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Will Randy Voller leave the Democratic Party homeless? What a tribute to his leadership.
WRAL reports: “An Executive Council member…said embattled party Chairman Randy Voller told members the party is ‘broke,’ with only $60,000 in the bank. According to the attendee, Voller told party members he may have to let some staffers go, and is even evaluating whether the party should continue to operate out of the Goodwin House, a historic house from 1903 on Hillsborough Street in downtown Raleigh.”
Earth to Voller: People don’t give you money if they don’t trust you. Some donors, like Auditor Beth Wood, have even asked for their money back. Senator Kay Hagan’s campaign is looking for an alternative channel for its money.
That’s a pretty clear lack of confidence.
Voller’s “power base” reportedly is grassroots activists who abhor the establishment, elected officials, professional consultants and any hint of money in politics. They sound like the Democratic equivalent of climate-change deniers. They pose as great a danger to Democrats as the Tea Party does to Republicans.
North Carolina is going down the tubes under Republicans. Democrats need to get their act together and win some elections this year and in 2016.
Get real, and get to work.


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4 comments on “Homeless

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve seen some pretty funny stuff on right wing political blogs and heard some hilarious things on conservative radio about these financial troubles going on at the NCDP. Most of them are about what people think the democrats should do to help the state democratic party get their finances back in order. Here’s some of the input I’ve seen:
    1) The NCDP needs to raise it’s credit card ceiling so they can borrow more money.
    2) Don’t worry, “if you want to keep the Goodwin House, you can keep it”.
    3) The North Carolina democrats need to sell back some of the votes they’ve bought from the NCAE and unions and the NAACP.

    Pretty funny stuff. Truth is, the NCDP needs to quickly get Bill Clinton here for a huge fund raiser for the state democratic party and possibly sell some of his memorabilia like maybe the blue dress and so forth. Might be the only thing that can save them…at least in the near future.

    Yeah…I’m gloating. If this was happening the other way around, I’m pretty sure you’d be posting something like what I’ve said here yourself, Mr. Pearce.

    Oh…and I’ve noticed that everything I’ve posted here on the Front Page over a week hasn’t actually presented itself here. Are ya sanctioning my stuff? Maybe you and Carter just aren’t available to “okay” what folks are saying responding to your diaries on TAP. Sure hope that’s all it is.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What an anomaly. The Party that hates business and rich people, now needs them to fund their party. With the media in their camp, they should not need a lot of money to win. Wonder what’s wrong here. Could be North Carolina people trust the capitalist market and not government. Well lets just hold on and see how this government healthcare goes. We may have jumped the gun when we declared it a horrible failure. You know I still wonder why congress and the senate don’t live under the same healthcare law they force on us. Just my untrusting nature.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Pearce, you and your friends in COS and others are responsible for the financial condition of the NCDP. You have sponsored from the start a campaign of hate and slander on Randy Voller, helped by your griends in COS and Jim Hunt, as well as others, I do think of Bob Geary who just printed one of your poison pen letters in the Indy. It is your crowd, including Nina Szlosberg-Landis, who have repeatedly told people, do not give to the NCDP, because “Voller is a crook”, or words to that effect and with NO proof. With Perry Wood to do dirty work, what else. What did you have with the movement of the Hagan Campaign to the Wake Party–lots I bet. You are a contemptible swine, with no more concern with ordinary Democrats than for a flea. Your much vaunted ego is on the line and you deal in hate. Your treatment of Randy Voller has been serial persecution, trying to ruin him personally, professionally and of course politically. You do qualify as a hate monger. Voller far more honest than you have ever been.

    Now that you have reduced the NCDP to penury, deliberately, how will you help rebuild it? Or do you even care if this situation suits you and Jim Hunt? Oh, and is Beth Wood lurking there? Sure. Did she tell you I gave $1000 to NCDP to celebrate her petulant departure and flounce wanting her money back. Good riddance to bad cess!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for finally getting the posts we TAPsters made here on the front page in response to the diaries Gary and Carter put here. Sure does take a long time for responses to show up on this page sometimes. If I was given two wishes with regard to the TAP front page, they’d be:

    1). Immediate publication of TAPster responses to front page diaries just like we have on the Forum here.

    2). Having the links people post here “clickable” (just like they are on the Forum here) so that when they are in a response, the reader can just click on the link that will take them to the web page associated with it.

    I’ve been beating that dead horse for quite some time here and so far, I’ve made zero progress. Must be a very good reason we don’t know about that these two things can’t happen for us here.

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