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Maybe I’m quoting Dick Morris too much, but Dick’s interesting and entertaining, especially, when he’s talking about Hillary Clinton. He reports ( Hillary’s flip-flopped on gay marriage. I always assumed Senator Clinton was for it but it turns out while President Clinton was in the White House he signed “The Defense of Marriage Act.” Now, gearing up to run in 2008, Hillary says that it was a clever political strategy to “derail a constitutional amendment that would have banned gay marriage.” But Morris writes:

“Nonsense. I was in the room at the White House strategy meeting and was sitting next to the President when he decided to promote and sign the bill. Nobody was even talking about a constitutional amendment back then – 1995-96 – and no one in the meeting so much as mentioned the possibility. His decision to sign the bill closely followed my announcement of polling data that suggested overwhelming support for the legislation. His announcement… that he would sign the bill was, indeed, a strategic decision, but one that related to his re-election prospects …Hillary supported her husband’s decision…”

Morris adds, that “when the President told us he would sign the bill, adviser George Stephanopoulos cautioned President Clinton to ‘give us several days’ to break the decision to White House staffers who might object. ‘Tell them we’ve created 4 million new jobs,’ the President said sharply, ‘and that they ought to go out and take a few of them.’

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