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ABC News reports that the Veterans Administration came up with a plan two years ago to make sure that American troops injured in Iraq and Afghanistan get the medical care they need. It was called “seamless transition.” The purpose: Don’t let injured troops fall through the cracks when the military turns them over to the VA for continuing care.

Then President Bush appointed Jim Nicholson Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Nicholson’s background: former Chairman of the Republican National Committee and Ambassador to the Vatican.

A political hack, in other words.

Once Nicholson came in, the “seamless transition plan” fell through the cracks. Nothing happened. Wounded men and women not only couldn’t get medical care, they couldn’t get the time of day from the VA bureaucracy.

Asked on camera what happened to the plan, Nicholson looked stumped. Finally he admitted he didn’t know what it was.

We shouldn’t be surprised. This is, after all, the same administration that promised Katrina relief.

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