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Tea Party types must have gone into cardiac arrest last night when Governor McCrory said he’s “kind of an Eisenhower Republican.”
Just not as ambitious. Ike built the Interstate highway system; Pat wants to “fix the lights” on the Interstate. And, like Ike, he’s afraid to confront the Joe McCarthys in his party.
Still, “Eisenhower Republican” is an odd self-appellation in the Republican age of Ted Cruz and Ted Nugent. And McCrory’s speech struck me as not much different from every State of the State speech given by every North Carolina governor, Democrat and Republican, going back to – oops! – “Governor Householser.”
Most striking was what we didn’t hear: a call to dramatically slash taxes and downsize government. He did come out against “seat warmers,” but I wasn’t sure whether he was talking about legislators or car seats on cold mornings.
McCrory said tax reform should be “revenue neutral.” He wants more lottery money for education. Energy exploration, he promised, would mean more revenues so government could do more things.
It was a vision of expansionist government, not just efficient government. How does the Tea Party like that?
McCrory showed little passion, save when he talked about addiction and college-campus binge drinking. Certainly we all applaud that.
He sounded more like a mayor – or president of the homeowners’ association. His administration’s proudest accomplishment so far apparently is ending double-billing for tolls and apologizing to the “customers.” Very commendable.
And he doesn’t like people waiting an hour and a half at DMV. What about the long lines to vote?
Observers keep asking what kind of governor McCrory is going to be, like it’s some deep enigma. No, this is it. What you saw is what you get. He’s a pleasant, modestly ambitious man who wants to fix the lights and long lines – and a rubber stamp for whatever the right-wingers do in the legislature.


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5 comments on “He Likes Ike!

  1. clarence swinney says:

    Newest Census numbers show in 2011:
    46 Million live below poverty line
    Unemployment insurance kept 2.3 Million our of poverty
    Social Security kept 21 Million out of poverty
    Food stamps kept 3.9 million out of poverty
    Keep healthy Unemployment Insurance, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance, Earned Income Tax Credit, Social Security and other programs that assist the lower income wage earners.
    The top income are doing very well.

  2. dap916 says:

    Wow. McCrory has been gov for what…a month or so now? Yep, what he’s done so far and what he presented on the state-of-the-state speech says it all about who he’s gonna be…how he’s going to govern. You bet. Gary, It’s not difficult to realize that every time McCrory opens his mouth and everything he does or attempts to do will cause you and those like you to find fault with him.

    Why not let McCrory and his administration get done what they want to get done and THEN if it turns out to be disasterous for our state or achieves little-to-nothing, you can go after him.

    McCrory is not a progressive. He doesn’t think like a progressive. He isn’t going to present actions and make decisions for our state like progressives would do. We had one of those last time. How’d that work out for us, Gary? So, why not when he and his administraton makes a decision and/or enacts policies that isn’t what the progressives want, they give him the chance to try something different, something other than what isn’t working for our state currently?

    I know nothing I would say here would make you ever change how you think…or how you say you think, anyway. Hopefully those that do read the front page here on TAP will at least consider giving McCrory and his administration a chance without making everything he says and attempts to do dead on arrival in their minds even before it’s presented.

    We have severe financial problems in our state…just like a majority of our country’s states. A big contributor to that is in the ever-increasing costs of our entitlements. Progressives don’t want to control that spending. Progressives don’t want to stop the amount of cheating and corruption involved in our entitlement programs…they just want to spend taxpayer money for more and more of these programs with no oversight or enforcement to keep those that are taking advantage of them from doing so. Conservatives believe differently. They believe those that truly need help from taxpayers should be able to get it and those that don’t shouldn’t have access to that.

    So, even though you will most certainly continue to look at everything McCrory & Co. does and says so as to present negative articles here on the front page, try to remember he’s not a progressive. He’s a conservative. He’s for fiscal responsibility and minimal government involvement in our lives even when he presents some things that will involve more spending and some new government involvement. Conservatives aren’t anti-government. They’re for efficient and justifiable government.

  3. Carbine says:

    It’s hard to grasp the point of a posting when the author of it doesn’t seem to grasp it himself. “Expansionist” government? How so? Give one example. Maintaining the lights and making the lottery, among other things, more efficient hardly qualifies as expansionist. And what part of “revenue neutral” does Gary not understand? That hardly sounds like a “rubber stamp” of the right wing agenda, whatever he thinks that is.

    I know he has to write something every day, but geeez–if this is the best the Dems can do, McCrory’s going to have a much easier time of it than I thought.

  4. clarence swinney says:

    The Deficit increased from the Great Recession of 2008.
    Revenues declined and stimulus spending increased.
    The 2014 projected deficit is $767 Billion down from $1400B in 2009.
    Deficit 2012 was $1100B—2012 projected $901B—2014 projected $767B
    We can very easily balance our budget just increase taxes on Wealth and Hi Incomes.
    Eliminate tax havens. Loopholes. Stop out sourcing our good paying jobs.
    We did it 1945-1980. We can 2012-2020. Fair Tax is a Must. It is a disgrace that we rank 3rd as Least taxed in OECD nations just above Chile and Mexico.
    All the screams about corp tax highest on world is self serving junk talk.
    In 2011, Corp paid 12.1% Tax Rate.
    No one can honestly debate anti the current degree of Inequality in America.
    We rank #4 on Inequality in OECD nations.
    It is not 1%. It is 10% own us. 73% Net wealth—83% financial wealth—Get 50% individual income.
    It is action time. Pay our way. Build industries and jobs in America unlike General Electric which has more employees on foreign soil than in America. Our huge GE plant vacant. Shame.

  5. dap916 says:

    “I know he has to write something every day, but geeez–if this is the best the Dems can do, McCrory’s going to have a much easier time of it than I thought.” – Carbine.

    You’re talking about Gary Pearce, of course. And, yeah, that’s pretty much correct, Carbine. But, let’s be honest here. The dems in our state are going to start using the strategy of the national democratic party to turn around our state like the dems have done nationally. They’re going to use the state media and other venues to go after republicans in our state for being “racists”. They’re going to make people believe that republicans are doing everything they can to go against anyone gay. They’re going to skew any and all data they can to show how the more weathly in our state keeps our lower class down and refuses to “help” them by giving up their wealth. They will cherry-pick information they can find to show how republicans in North Carolina work against women. They are going to use current data to show how republicans/wealthy whites are the reason for minorities not having good jobs and being the majority population in our state’s prison system. And, the press is going to support anything and everything they say.

    It’s good strategy for the democratic party in North Carolina, just like it has been good strategy for Obama and his folks…even though it will eventually take our country/states down. This is my opinion…and I will stick by it. Let’s see if it happens or if we repubs can find a way to thwart it from happening.

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