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North Carolina’s own Senator Kay Hagan climbed up on her high horse in the Charlotte Observer the other day and denounced the fiscal irresponsibility of the $858 billion tax-cut bill – which she voted against.
In her op-ed lambasting government spending Hagan thundered:
“On Dec. 1, the bipartisan debt commission released its report, and North Carolina’s own Erskine Bowles, co-chair of the commission, called the national debt ‘a cancer destroying our nation from within.’ Just two weeks later, Congress passed a tax bill that adds a staggering $858 billion to our already severely bloated national debt.
“I voted no because I could not, in good conscience, approve adding nearly a trillion dollars to the national debt without any long-term plan to address the deficit.
“This bill makes none of the hard decisions. Instead, it delays them for another two years. Unfortunately, this happens far too frequently in Washington. All year, politicians pay lip service to doing something about our deficit. But at the end of the year, when the rubber meets the road, it’s much easier to pass the buck.”
Hagan went on at some length about the vice of sending “today’s enormous bill to our children and grandchildren” and how “it is time for Congress to tighten its belt, just like American families must do daily.”
How refreshing, I thought, to see a Democrat denouncing irresponsible spending.
Then somebody pointed out to me that the Civitas Carolina Transparency report discovered that the very same Senator Hagan has requested a grand total of 338 earmarks in the federal budget – earmarks that would cost the taxpayers a whopping $724 million.
So Senator Hagan, come down off your high horse, take a deep breath and read – and heed – the conclusion of your own op-ed:
“It is up to those of us who are serious about this problem to lead the way in tackling our country’s most pressing challenge.”


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One comment on “Hagan's Conclusion

  1. Carbine says:

    Forget the earmarks, that’s incredibly small potatos. Hagan voted with gusto for the nearly trillion–TRILLION–dollar ‘stimulus’ bill that was 100% borrowed money, and did little for the economy. She and her fellow Democrats are bankrupting the country exactly as the Republican majority did before they were turned out, only they are doing it faster. No one with a “D” behind their name has any moral right to complain about deficit spending!

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