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Just about everything people read and hear about growth in Raleigh is bad: The School Board can’t cope with growth, the Water Company can’t cope with growth, the streets are clogged, the politicians say they have to keep raising taxes and borrowing money to pay for growth. Growth has caused such a myriad of problems it’s hard not to wonder if we haven’t gotten big enough. So it’s no surprise on Election Day voters sent politicians a message: Hold on a minute. Let’s put on the brakes.

That was a blessing for the no growth crowd. It swept their candidates into office.

But is there another side to this debate? Most people are tired of hearing the School Board needs another billion dollars, that their taxes going up and that growth’s to blame – but what are the consequences of stopping growth? That side of the debate needs to be heard.

Right now, it sounds like reining in growth means the schools won’t need another billion dollars and the roads may catch-up with the traffic congestion – but is there a price to pay if the newly elected cohort of politicians cut growth in half – or stop it with a moratorium?

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