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Sarah Ovaska at NC Policy Watch reveals that one Republican legislator who voted to cut unemployment assistance was himself getting that assistance last year.
Rep. Jason Saine, a Lincolnton Republican, collected unemployment checks for 15 months while he was out of work. But now that he’s in the legislature, he voted with his GOP colleagues to slash unemployment aid for people who can’t find a job.
That’s right: he voted against letting other North Carolinians get the same benefits he got.
He says he voted for the cuts to get North Carolina out of debt. Here’s an idea: Why doesn’t he pay back the difference between what he got and what he voted for?
Saine lost his job in May 2010. Then, Ovaska wrote: “A stroke of luck came in August 2011, when the county Republican Party he chaired selected him to take over the legislative seat left vacant when former N.C. Rep. Johnathan Rhyne left the legislature to move to nearby Gastonia.”
Yes, he was picked for the seat by “the county Republican Party he chaired.”
Well, at least Republicans can say they created a job for one unemployed North Carolinian.


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3 comments on “GOP Unemployment Hypocrisy

  1. dap916 says:

    Probably one of the weakest presentations you’ve ever put here, Gary. Wow…this is what you think is going to somehow turn people in our state against republicans? Really?

    I’m on Social Security and get a stipend from the Veteran’s Administration. Raises for those is based on inflation numbers. So, before the last two raises we got, we didn’t get any raises in some previous years. But, guess what, the congresspeople and staff and federal employees got raises. Now, for me, I think that Nancy Pelosi should give back the raises she got because she didn’t change the system whereby Social Security and VA recipients get their raises so they, too, could get raises. Who needed the raises more?

    But, my statement/argument here is every bit as ludicrous as what you’re presenting in a childish effort to degrade some republican(s).

    You’re starting to get a little silly in your everyday efforts to find negatives about the republicans in our state.

  2. Carbine says:

    Since the difference is only $150 a week, he could easily pay it back in regular installments over the same 15 months he collected it. And why shouldn’t he? As a matter of fact, why shouldn’t everyone who collects unemployment be expected to repay at least a part of what they get once they are gainfully employed again? The shortcomings of the unemployment “insurance” model are exposed anew every time we have a recession; why not try a “revolving fund” model instead? Or a hybrid approach, with employers paying for the insurance and re-employed persons paying into a revolving fund, which steps in to help when the insurance is insufficient.

  3. clarence swinney says:

    The Deficit increased from the Great Recession of 2008.
    Revenues declined and stimulus spending increased.
    The 2014 projected deficit is $767 Billion down from $1400B in 2009.
    Deficit 2012 was $1100B—2012 projected $901B—2014 projected $767B
    We can very easily balance our budget just increase taxes on Wealth and Hi Incomes.
    Eliminate tax havens. Loopholes. Stop out sourcing our good paying jobs.
    We did it 1945-1980. We can 2012-2020. Fair Tax is a Must. It is a disgrace that we rank 3rd as Least taxed in OECD nations just above Chile and Mexico.
    All the screams about corp tax highest on world is self serving junk talk.
    In 2011, Corp paid 12.1% Tax Rate.
    No one can honestly debate anti the current degree of Inequality in America.
    We rank #4 on Inequality in OECD nations.
    It is not 1%. It is 10% own us. 73% Net wealth—83% financial wealth—Get 50% individual income.
    It is action time. Pay our way. Build industries and jobs in America unlike General Electric which has more employees on foreign soil than in America. Our huge GE plant vacant. Shame.

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