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“We are being compassionate,” said state Rep. Mike Hager of Rutherfordton. “We have a mindset of pulling…government burden off these small businesses.”
Well, that sums it up. Republican compassion is for businesses and corporations, not people.  Remember: People aren’t corporations, my friend.
First North Carolina Republicans slashed help for people who can’t find work. Then they slammed the door on people who can’t get insurance or health care. Now they’re raising income taxes on 900,000 taxpayers at the bottom of the pile.
You read it right: raising taxes. You see, tax cuts are reserved for those of us at the top – and corporations.
Rep. Julia Howard, chair of the House Finance Committee, defended it this way: “Our tax dollars are very sacred this year with a lot of things we need to do, and that is $105 million that we are literally writing checks for.”
You see, these taxes are “sacred.”
A businessman I know – no raving liberal – cornered me this week and demanded: “How can they go to church after cutting unemployment assistance by $200 a week?”
Apparently, it’s the gospel of “comfort the comfortable and afflict the afflicted.”


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One comment on “GOP 'Compassion'

  1. dap916 says:

    Well, I’ll tell ya, Gary. Tax dollars should be sacred…not just spent to get votes and not just spent on people that take advantage of the inequities in our governmental system. Sorry, but that’s just a fact. That might not be the “sacred” you’re referring to here, but it’s sacred nonetheless. If you don’t believe that, then you’re fooling yourself, my friend.

    So, you spoke to some businessman you know and he’s not a raving liberal and he wondered how “they” (I’m sure that means the republicans in NC government) can go to church after cutting unemployment. Well, Gary, I know a guy that just retired as a postmaster in the USPS and when he heard that the state was going to cut unemployment, he said: “it’s about time they realized that paying people $500/week and even more will just keep those people from looking for work. Oh, and he voted for Obama and we regularly argue democrat vs. republican politics.

    I wonder just how many people that actually pay state income taxes believe that $500 plus per week is what we should pay folks that are out of work. And, think about it….what kind of job with what kind of salary are these people going to be willing to take? How many jobs are available today in NC that pay this? Since when is it the responsibility of our taxpayers to make sure that we continue to pay people that lost a job until they get the very same kind of job once again? This is ludicrous. I’m sorry they mortgaged their home to the max. I’m sorry they bought new vehicles. I’m sorry they got second mortgages to go on fancy vacations. I’m sorry they put their kids in a private school. I’m sorry they ran up their credit cards big time. It’s not up to everyone in our society to make sure they maintain that lifestyle or not suffer because of bad luck or something that made them be selected to be cut on a job etc. This is our system. The other system…a system that would just protect these people and make sure they’re the same as everyone else regardless of circumstances…that’s socialism. If that’s what we’re thinking is what would be best for America…we’re doomed. It’s scarey to think we have just so many people that actually think that.

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