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A Republican friend in Wake County offers this take on last week’s election:
“The Republicans were doomed from the start on this election for school board. It was over before it started. 
“Definitely they earned an ‘F’ in PR, Message, and Branding of their board.  Us GOP’ers wished Tedesco would have just went away. He is an embarrassment. I do think, though, that Rev. Barbour’s protests and arrests made it more of a spectacle – and that did bring race into it.  We knew this going in – it was a huge uphill battle.  I gotta hand it to the outside groups, it was a good strategy and it worked, but not as well as one might think.
“I will be interested to see in January when the next reports are due on how much and who gave to the outside groups on both sides. The Democratic Party outspent the GOP on GOTV this time…by a large margin.  The Wake GOP was very underfunded this time around.
“In Losurdo’s race there just wasn’t much of a vetting process….sigh.
“We did gain more votes on the runoff than Hill, but he got more overall.”


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