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Debra Goldman seems to be an equal-opportunity 911 caller. She apparently has called the police now about two fellow board members. This on top of dozens of calls to her Cary home in recent years.
If she gets elected State Auditor, the police may need to build a substation at her office.
No wonder Pat McCrory wisely put some distance between himself and her in Wednesday night’s debate.
Ms. Goldman says she was threatened by another school board member, apparently Keith Sutton. Sutton says her charge “may be racial.” Jim Martin says, “Sutton was not the only member, nor the first member, to issue an ‘offensive and threatening’ outburst.”
School board meetings sound like a gang fight.
It’s hard to sort out all this. But a couple of things are clear.
First, there is never an excuse for “offensive and threatening” behavior – by anybody.
Second, trouble seems to follow Goldman.
Everybody needs to take a deep breath. Goldman ought to step down and let somebody else take her place. And all of us should agree that she has no business holding an important state office.



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2 comments on “Goldman's Sacks

  1. clarence swinney says:

    He campaigns on who can create jobs since the Republicans have no plan.
    His message that the wealthy and corporations need to pay their FAIR share of Total Income
    and the dire need for jobs is getting attention.

    He is correct to run on the economy since he was left a skeleton.
    Create jobs, protect entitlements, build the middle class, make wealth give in on more contribution.

    He must stress over and over how the opposition fought every good thing he tried to achieve no matter how much it hurt the people. Paint them as villains. Ask the people to help him get America back on a track of jobs and more equality.

  2. clarence swinney says:

    Will he replay Bush years?
    Recall—Surplus–CBO showed how a continuance of 2000 fiscal policies ended 2010 with $10,000B surplus—Bush let us into fiscal disaster–$6100B add on to debt—surplus to $1400B Deficit—tax cuts dded $2000B—Wars added $2000B—Part D added $1000B–
    Romney scares me with Bush type talk—Tax Cuts for rich plus military interventionism.

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