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Republicans here are like kids at Christmas: giddy, gaga and eyes all aglow as they rip open their new presents.
A Republican Governor! A week-long victory lap! Two inaugural ceremonies! The big bash at Carolina Country Club Saturday! (No, not the inaugural ball. The political fundraiser.)
Then there’s the new legislature and all the new bills to come!
One Republican crowed in an email: “Did you Ds ever have what I hear is current high-class R problem, viz., all tickets for inauguration ceremony Saturday sold?…Wow, how sweet it is…Good times a-rolling!…May the Times of D Misery in NC offer also occasions for frequent cheers – – as citizens are effectively served by R pols!”
I’m reminded of a story Carter likes to tell. It was after 2008. Democrats had won the races for President, Senator and Governor. They were giddy, and Carter was feeling a bit down. I reassured him: “Don’t worry. We’ll screw it up.”
But I’m not wishing the GOP ill. I sincerely wish them success. Governor McCrory has promised to fix our broken government, reform the public schools, provide more vocational education, reduce business regulation AND protect the environment, aggressively explore energy exploration AND protect the environment, get our unemployment rate lower than South Carolina’s, fix state government’s disastrous IT systems, meet our transportation needs, resolve the health care muddle and the mental health crisis – AND cut spending and taxes.
Thinking about it, I get giddy myself. I can’t wait.


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