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Over at the Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Lanier Cansler has been lamenting that he’s got to cut $4 billion or $1 billion (the number seems to change from day to day) from his department’s budget.
When you think about it it’s an odd thing – but the liberals in the Perdue Administration have decided to cut medical care (especially Medicaid) to everyone from pregnant women to troubled children to senior citizens who receive home care so they don’t have to go into Nursing Homes.
So given all Secretary Cansler’s complaints about the dire financial straits of his Department it comes as shock to open the newspaper this morning and read he’s sending a troop of sixteen bureaucrats on a two-week sojourn to San Diego, paid for with $140,000 of President Obama’s ‘Stimulus Money.’
When the story hit the front page of the News and Observer Secretary Cansler’s P.R. machine went into high gear, waxing eloquent and telling the press how much benefit North Carolina children were going to reap from sixteen bureaucrats attending a child care seminar in sunny San Diego. But the News and Observer gave them a pretty blunt answer, pointing out there are 41,000 children (from low-income families) the state says it can’t provide financial aid to so they can receive day care.
Cansler’s decision puzzled even Governor Perdue’s fellow liberals and left child care advocates shaking their heads. As one told the News and Observer, “It seems like they have it backwards.”
But Secretary Cansler’s P.R. machine had an answer to that too. They explained Secretary Cansler had no choice, that the federal government wouldn’t let him spend the money to provide day-care to children from low income families – so he spent it on the trip to California instead.
So let’s get this right: President Obama forced DHHS to spend stimulus money on junkets for bureaucrats – rather than on providing child care?
That’s hard to believe.
Maybe the bureaucrats in Washington are as crazy as the bureaucrats in Raleigh but I can’t help but ask if anyone at DHHS – or Governor Perdue herself – called the White House and said, Look, we’ve got a better idea about how to spend this money – so let’s work it out.
DHHS is a pretty odd place so maybe it’s fitting it’s located on the old Dorothea Dix campus. Last summer in the middle of the budget crisis Secretary Cansler spent $38,000 to buy 1,100 crab pots to set a disabled man up in the fishing business as part of a vocational rehabilitation program. Now, he’s spending $140,000 to send bureaucrats to San Diego to improve child care.
Welcome to how government works over on the Dorothea Dix Campus.


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5 comments on “Getting it Backwards

  1. -1 says:

    You elect idiots. you get idiotic results!

  2. -1 says:

    This is small taters next to the money Phillips and Jordan is making repairing the I-40 rock slide in Haywood County.It is a no bid job and Ted told me it would take more than $20m to clean it and another $10 to stabilize the rock.
    That is small taters for him.He said the feds have over $1b of his jobs on hold while they work on the budjet.Ain’t it great that a small grading company from little ole mountain town Robbinsville could have made itself the largest in the world.Wait I forgot without Jim Hunts help while governor this success story might not have happened.
    I also know that when Ted Phillips tells you what a job will cost he is often off by a factor of 2.So expect the slide total to come in around $60m.Its a beautiful day in NC when the government works hand in hand with the small businessman.

  3. -1 says:

    Lanier Cansler is a REPUBLICAN.

    Carter can’t let old grudges die and continues to slam his fellow GOPer.

    Check the State Board of Elections web site for Cansler’s party affiliation if you don’t believe a blog post.

    Or check here

    Governor Perdue choose a Republican (who served several terms in the NC House) for a prominent position in her cabinet, and Carter just can’t get over it.

    Carter, not only are you in the minority party; you’re in the fringe of the minority party.

    Cansler is in a bipartisan cabinet, and you’re blogging about Sarah Palin-backed-Doug Hoffman and teabaggers up in New York state who got their cans kicked in a GOP-favored election year.

    Buy a clue.

  4. dap916 says:

    This is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to “stimulus” money spending. The truth is, a great deal of it is being given out to give those that give it away give it to those that will use it for personal use…for perks…for anything other than what most Americans would want it to go for. North Carolina will be allowed to “see fit” to do with much of the stimulous taxpayer-paid money to give politicians and state workers and high-level management personnel nice little benefits vs. getting the money to those that truly need it. There is little-to-no oversight on these funds and any “good” uses of it will be presented to make sure the misuse of it will be hidden from those of us that have to pay the bill in the first place.

    Vote democratic in the next election. More of this will continue. Can’t blame Bush and the republicans on it. It’s all…again, ALL, democratic.

    Oh, but, hey, they will make sure minorities are taken care of and everyone has free health care and …. well, tell me that happens in the future. G E T a clue.

  5. cwrenn says:

    To “Carter is a Stubborn Hypocrite”

    So, do you think it was a good idea to spend $140,000 to send 16 bureaucrats to San Diego?


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