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Eric Cantor’s defeat, immigration reform, gerrymandering and Republican presidential hopes all got rolled up together last week in a classic demonstration of the Law of Unintended Consequences.
Cantor’s opponent, David Brat (I love that name), attacked him for being soft on immigrants. That struck fear in the hearts of other Republicans in Congress. That killed all hopes of passing reform this year.
That, in turn, spelled trouble for Republicans who want to win the White House in 2016. They not only lose the growing Hispanic vote, but also the growing South Asian vote. Plus, the GOP’s perceived hostility to immigrants and their children also alienates independent suburban women, polls show.
All of this, in a particularly ironic turn, stems from the Republicans’ great success at gerrymandering congressional districts. They drew themselves districts that have few Hispanics. The result: Republican members of Congress benefit from immigrant-bashing, while Republican candidates for President pay the price.


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3 comments on “Gerrymandering and Immigration and the GOP

  1. Anonymous says:

    You actually spent your precious time to post that? Must be an “I’m gonna say something to make the wide-eyed, radical liberal/progressives happy here” kinda thing.

    Republicans aren’t going to get the Hispanic vote or much of ANY of the minority vote Gary. They know that. Yeah, yeah…some of them are thinkin’ that if they are all “hey, I’m all about minorities” they can keep every Hispanic voter from voting democratic…but, they’re wrong, of course. Hispanics have been given every tax dollar the democrats can muster up to get their vote for many years as have the African Americans and most other minorities….so, Republicans aren’t going to suddenly get these people to vote their way. They’re convinced Republicans will take away their government taxpayer-paid freebies…and guess what, they’re right if they don’t actually deserve and NEED it. And, that’s actually how it should be….but, it’s not politically expedient.

    Now, with regard to the gerrymandering thing….ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? For decade after decade after decade when the democrats had full control of government in North Carolina, they gerrymandered districts to make sure they kept the majorities in both houses of the state legislature and got mostly Democrats voted into the U.S. Congress. What a stupid thing to be bitching about now that the Republicans are in control. Jeeezzzz…give us a break, Gary. Want some whine with that cheese? 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Typical Democrat, Gary, who does not comprehend the difference between immigrants (those who apply legally and come through the lawful immigration process) and illegal aliens (those who invade our country unlawfully). Democrat pandering to the illegal aliens while many better qualified prospective immigrants are rejected yet obey the law and remain in their own country where they belong, is obscene and immoral. Nobody who violates our immigration laws should EVER be put in a better position than those who are obeying the rules and trying to do it the right way, yet that is exactly what the Democrats are trying to do with amnesty a.k.s. ”immigration reform”.

    Republicans do NOT ”bash immigrants”. We call for the enforcement of our immigration laws, which our totally lawless president thumbs his nose at.

    As to political impact, a recent Washington Post poll shows that among both independent and moderate voters, those who would vote for a candidate who opposes ”a pathway to citizenship” for illegal aliens outnumber those among the same groups who would vote for a candidate who supports that pathway by 12 percentage points. Conservatives are taking not only the morally correct position but also the one that gathers the most votes.

    You Democrats keep pressing the Washington DC Republicans to support your amnesty scheme because you know it will tear the Republican Party apart. Hopefully our leaders in DC also comprehend what you are doing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just love all this concern for the Republican Party from the left. Well gosh I guess we better give total amnesty to all illegals, so we won’t lose the future elections. Do anything but don’t throw me in the briarpatch.

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