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Gary is taking a break from blogging. Here’s one from a Tapster.
The Senate’s headlong rush this week to jumpstart hydraulic fracturing in North Carolina proves they’ve learned absolutely nothing from the Dan River coal ash spill.

Senate Republicans say they want to create jobs and stimulate home-grown energy, and the sooner the better (especially in case the political world changes and they lose control in NC!) But the chatter around town is the Senate is moving too quickly, perhaps even recklessly, to mess with the state’s groundwater without imposing sufficient regulation and oversight on the front end.

The Dan River spill occurred at the site of an industry which is totally regulated by the state, yet it still happened and will affect that river system for years.

In the afterglow of that spill, North Carolinians understandably are skeptical of their regulators and corporate leaders, which is why the legislature and Mining Commission should take time to reassure the public with a rigorous framework of expectations, requirements, controls and penalties before any fracking pioneers start poking around in our aquifer.


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2 comments on “Frick and frack

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m betting that you, Mr. Tapster, are not an advocate of fracking in any way, shape or form. So, I doubt that ANY amount of “rigorous framework of expectations, requirements, controls and penalties” that would be set forth would be enough for you or those that stand on your side on this issue.

    The coal ash spill into the Dan River at the Eden Duke Power facility was absolutely horrible. No one questions that. The problems that caused this didn’t come about only after McCrory became governor or only after the republicans became the majority party in the legislature. These problems came from a severe lack of oversight through many, many past years and from a lack of proper inspection and oversight in the way that the coal ash basins were built and maintained.

    I think that because of these problems, fracking in North Carolina will be successful and there will be a great deal of effort in making sure the concerns that have come out of other fracking sites around our country will be watched out for and solved up front. Then, I believe that a tremendous amount of oversight and inspections will come with it.

    This is a win/win for our state and just like oil exploration and gas exploration in the past through other means, concerns must be addressed but we can’t afford to just ignore the positives that will come from it or to kow tow to a particular group that is against ANY petroleum exploration or expansion so as to push alternative energy sources that have so far not shown to be viable on a large scale.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Another Chicken Little scare story from the green left. If we listened to them, we would have to live in caves and burn beeswax candles.

    Fracking is a proven technology that is effective and safe, despite false propaganda films like Gasland. It is being used successfully around the world. We need to open up NC’s energy resources to help provide jobs for our citizens and tax revenues to improve our schools. We do not need the Luddites of the left trying to block energy progress in NC.

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