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There’s a lot of talk up in Washington these days about compromise: President Obama’s ready to compromise and John Boehner’s ready to compromise but, so far, amid all the cooing no one’s laid a deal on the table so it’s hard to tell if Congressmen and Senators are going to say, Gosh, that compromise is swell – or – There’s no way on earth I’ll vote for that.
There’s also a fair amount political rhetoric camouflaging exactly what the politicians are compromising about.
Way back in 1990, when Harvey Gantt was running against Jesse Helms, at a press conference a reporter quizzed Gantt’s campaign chairman Mel Watt (who’s now a Congressman) about Jesse blasting Gantt for supporting tax increases when he was Mayor of Charlotte. Watt shot back, Harvey didn’t support any tax increases, those were revenue increases.
There’re a lot of Republicans (like Speaker Boehner and Senator Graham) who’re now saying they’re open to revenue increases – but then they turn around and add there’s no way on earth they’ll support raising tax rates. That’s a political fig-leaf of sorts – but not much of one. In the end, whether it’s a revenue increase or a rate increase taxes go up.
There may, perhaps, be a new spirit of compromise afoot in Washington – but the old spirit of who-doo is alive and well too.


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One comment on “Fig Leaves

  1. Carbine says:

    The Republican plan is far more sensible and fair than what Gary’s Lord & Savior has put on the table. Capping most or all deductions and eliminating some other ones completely brings in increased revenues, and ought to be done before rates are tampered with. If rates have to increase too, they should all increase a little bit rather than having just the top rates increase a lot. A flatter tax is fairer than a more steeply curved one.

    Unfortunately B.O. seems to think that his narrow margin of victory makes him dictator, able to impose his will on the country that was stupid enough to elect him. We will get what we deserve, starting in a few weeks, and history will record that America’s long, painful, and totally unnecessary slide into third world status began on November 6th, 2012.

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