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Tom Fetzer stole the stage – literally – from Pat McCrory Tuesday night.
McCrory had what seemed like a prime spot: introducing Senator Burr for his victory speech.
But Fetzer was front and center in the photos and video of the bigger story: Republicans taking the legislature.
Fetzer is in prime position now to pick his spot. If not a race for governor, how about a new congressional seat?
And McCrory has to be looking over his back.


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One comment on “Fetzer Out Front

  1. dap916 says:

    Currently, there is little talk about “redistricting”. That’s coming and in normal fashion, it’s going to be a political thing. I am not sure what the solution is to there being pure politics involved in it, but I’d truly like to see that district map we deal with right now brought back into a map of true districts rather than districts that insure “X” amount of minorities and “X” amount of democrats/republicans serving in the legislature. We’re all of different races, different political philosophies, different religious beliefs….different in just so many ways. Perhaps some kind of bi-partisan committee? Perhaps some agency/council/group from outside our state?

    I know that’s against the current paradigm and really thinking “outside the box”….but, really folks, isn’t there something better than what has taken place in the past and will most certanly take place in this newest redistricting action?

    It’s just a thought.

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