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For a year we’ve heard how the digital geniuses in the Obama campaign demolished Mitt Romney. Now they can’t make the website work for the biggest thing in his administration?
This might say something about the difference between campaigns and governing – or between the private sector and the public sector. Government IT programs are notoriously subject to technical disasters. Witness NC TRACKS, NC FAST and the college application process. Even Facebook fell on its face yesterday.
But this is still bad news for the President. And, with the shutdown behind us, it’s big news.
Obama is reduced to attacking his own people. His defenders resort to: “Obamacare is a lot better than the website.”
Unfortunately in today’s world, if your website sucks, people assume your whole operation sucks. Especially the young people Obamacare targets to buy health insurance.
Republicans got burned by the shutdown. So now they’ll turn up the heat.
What an irony if technological incompetence causes the most tech-savvy administration in history to bungle its biggest achievement.


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One comment on “Error Message

  1. Choo says:

    Boy it must be nice having the media carry your water. Any republican administration would be toast. You did make an error in the article, it is not an error for the Obama Administration, it is an error by the computer people hired by the Obama Administration, and as we know Obama has nothing what so ever to do with that. Really he has nothing what so ever to do with anything that goes wrong. The lack of management skills and total lack of economics is not showing, it’s on stage front and center. You can talk and spin when you have the press in your pocket, but governing is another story. This President doesn’t have a clue. You will however do better with the next President, Hillary does understand a little more about capitalism than does Obama.

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