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Carter and I started Talking About Politics when we become intrigued by how blogs create an alternative form of political communication.

It’s happening on our own site right now – without either of us lifting a finger.

Click here to read a post that somebody (we don’t know who) put on our site about ElectriCities of North Carolina. And look at the remarkable number of comments it generated.

This obviously is an organized campaign. The same posts are appearing on a number of state political blogs.

Here is all I know about it:

  • Somebody is mad at ElectriCities.

  • That somebody seems to have some embarrassing information.

  • That somebody also has an instinct for how to push this story.

  • Sooner or later, the story will migrate to the Mainstream Media.

  • The folks at ElectriCities will have their hands full.

Stay tuned.

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