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Nancy Pelosi got off to a good start after Election Day. But she’s about to blow it. Here is hoping the Democratic caucus saves her from herself today.

What is she thinking: Supporting the ethically challenged John Murtha for the No. 2 caucus position? The man who told the Abscam bribers he wasn’t interested “at this point.”

This after Pelosi promised the “most ethical Congress in history.”

Yes, she may owe Murtha. He took one for the team on Iraq. But she doesn’t owe him this much.

But don’t chortle too much, my Republican friends. Trent Lott is back in power in the Senate GOP caucus.

Yes, the same Trent Lott who thought this country would be a lot better off if Strom Thurmond’s 1948 views – i.e., segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever – had prevailed.

Lott, like Murtha, has never confessed and atoned for his sins.

It’s not a good start for either side.

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