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This could go down as the week the Democratic presidential race turned against Hillary Clinton.

She was everybody’s favorite target in the Democratic debate. She was panned for her performance. She confused everybody with her position on licenses for illegal immigrants. And she looks bad keeping the lock on her White House records.

As I forecast, her campaign has hit the stormy weather that confronts every Democratic frontrunner every presidential campaign. If she survives this, she could be unstoppable. If she can’t regain her footing, she could lose the nomination.

Her campaign is scrambling. It’s spinning the debate as six men attacking one woman, saying that will help the woman. And it’s trying to make the attackers look mean and nasty.

The big winner could be John Edwards. The old trial lawyer in him came to the fore – his ability to rip apart an opponent with a smile. The always cool and low-key Obama was too cool and low-key.

Edwards could replace Obama as the alternative to Hillary.

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