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The election is slowly bumping and grinding to a close and it’s been a lot tougher ordeal for Democrats than Republicans – while Republicans have been cruising along riding the headwinds of Obama-disapproval, the same national tides have been pulling Democrats downward like a remorseless undertow.  Plus, since Democrats control almost everything that moves in Washington they’ve hardly been able to find anything they can blame on Republicans.
The Democrats’ basic problem is they spent a trillion dollars to straighten out the economy and it didn’t work – so, now, to escape the peril facing them they’ve turned to a time-honored political strategy: They’re getting personal. Very personal. By painting their opponents as kooks and wild-eyed extremists and malcontents.  For example, at the end of the election just about every Democratic Congressman  in sight is running ads saying his opponent is a villain who wants to privatize social security (whether there’s a word of truth in it or not).
The Democrats’ political logic goes like this:  They figure, The stink is on us this election and there’s no getting it off, so there’s just one thing to do: Make the other fellow stink too.
Two years ago, when President Bush was unpopular and Obama was riding high the Democrats swept to victory saying what the country needed was ‘change;’ now Obama’s in the ditch and the Democrats are saying no matter how much they’ve blundered don’t change because their opponents are nuts and kooks and incompetents who will make it worse.  That’s a pretty good picture of how politics works – in a nutshell.


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One comment on “Don’t Change…

  1. Thomas_Settle says:

    Right on Carter. You should see Nelson Cole flailing about throwing lies in the face of voters in Rockingham County. First he said he cut state spending by a couple billion dollars. Nobody bought it.

    Then he said he never heard of a mileage tax proposal. Nobody bought it.

    Now he has Jim Hunt of all people on tv saying that Cole balanced the budget without raising taxes.

    Nobody buys that either.

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