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 A TAPster takes issue with the blog criticizing Bob Etheridge for running against Walter Dalton:
“I disagree with the argument that Bobby Etheridge caused Dalton’s defeat. If anything, the primary gave Dalton an opportunity to take his case to the public sooner rather than later. It is true that Perdue’s midnight decision put Dalton way behind on issues and money. However, you go to market with what you have to work with and don’t whine about it.
“The facts are that Dalton had a poor strategic plan and an even worse communications effort.  Even though the one with the most money usually wins it doesn’t always have to be. After all, the two candidates for governor are mentioned most every day in the media.  A tight, concise and exciting plan of action can create its own momentum, but Dalton had little of that.”


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One comment on “Don't Blame Etheridge

  1. Carbine says:

    Dalton’s strategic plan and communications effort reflected almost perfectly the Democratic Party’s viewpoint. It was heard by the people and rejected soundly by the people. Dalton didn’t lose because people didn’t know what he stood for, or didn’t get to hear his message, or didn’t like the look of his face. He was rejected because he represented the same old tired, failed policies that the Democratic Party always represents: raise taxes on productive people, spend it all on non-productive people.

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