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A TAPster inside state government sends an intriguing follow-up to my blog about Governor McCrory calling Art Pope “deputy” budget director. That struck me as a bit defensive.  (See “McCrory’s Picks.”)
The TAPster saw a January 7 memo to all department heads and chief fiscal officers in state government. It was from “Art Pope, State Budget Director.”
That pretense didn’t last long.


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One comment on “Deputy Art Pope?

  1. clarence swinney says:

    Washington Post reported a study on 2000 PNTR or Permanent Normal Trade Relations
    passed by President Clinton. The study concludes that “freer trade with China cut manufacturing jobs by one third”. Eliminated tariffs on Chinese goods will not return anytime soon.
    We have closed 58,000 plants. Millions of jobs in small communities lost have hurt local economies.
    My home town lost textiles and apparel to China. The mill hill villages look like poor poor.
    Shame on Clinton. It hurts. Add Nafta. 800,000 jobs to Mexico. President Clinton, greatest job creator in America. China, Mexico. Thanks.

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