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Speaking of mistakes, former Senator, candidate for Vice President and anti-poverty poster boy John Edwards is admitting he made one when he voted for the war in Iraq.

Confession is good for the soul and it’s always a pleasant surprise to see a politician admit he made a mistake. But former Senator Edwards’ contrition may deserve a second look. The political winds were blowing in one direction when he cast that vote in 2002 to go to war – and they were blowing in the opposite direction when he decided that vote was a mistake three years later. The fact is both times Mr. Edwards voted the way the wind was blowing and if you’re suspecting his latest change of heart might have something to do with polls and running for President in 2008 – you may have a point.


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One comment on “Democrats and Mistakes

  1. cwrenn says:

    1 Comment »
    I think John Edwards used the State of North Carolina for his own personal gain. He certainly didn’t anything for this state while he a so called senator. He and all the other members of congress were privvy to the same info as the president. I find it rather interesting that now he wants all the whole country to know he made a mistake. What a joke, who does he think he is kidding?

    Comment by Libby Lewis — November 21, 2005 @ 11:51 am

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