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Something strange has happened in our struggle to bring democracy to Iraq. Last week, our Marines raided a Shiite militia stronghold in Baghdad’s Sadr City – and Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki, who is a Shiite, let us have it with both barrels. It appears we may have offended a few of his supporters.

He went further a few days later, telling the Marines to take down barricades they’d put up around Sadr City and to stop searching automobiles (looking for an American soldier believed kidnapped by Shiite militia). The barricades came down, and Sadr City residents stood in the streets, cheering as U.S. soldiers “drove away in armored vehicles.” (News and Observer; 11-1-06)

So here’s the picture: We got rid of Saddam (the Shiite’s enemy), the Shiites replaced him and, now, they’re attacking us.

What’s next?

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