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Please stop. Drop the grievance. Stop the bleeding.
On just one day last week, NCSU’s chancellor said your grievance proceeding is taking up too much of the university’s time and attention, the Democratic Party coughed up $24,000 because of you and the NCSU band cancelled a trip to Ireland because of you.
In fairness, it wasn’t exactly clear why you were to blame for the band not going to Ireland. But you’re going to get the blame for everything that goes wrong at State. If Tom O’Brien’s team has a tough year, you’ll probably get blamed for that.
You’re hurting the university. You’re hurting the party. And you’re hurting yourselves. Your pursuit of this grievance – and the money – is shredding your reputations.
In the end, your reputation is all you have.
Please stop.



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One comment on “Dear Mike and Mary

  1. -1 says:

    Strange the liberals took a dive, during Easley eight year reign of terror.
    So what gives now?

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