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Misery loves company and right here, in Raleigh, it’s led to a pretty strange alliance. Governor McCrory’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources and President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency have joined arms.

To whip the ‘coal ash’ problem.
According to the newspaper reports the Governor is “pleased” but, so far, the EPA hasn’t had much kind to say about DENR. In fact, the other morning the newspapers reported the EPA was unhappy with DENR because of its too cushy settlement with Duke Energy a year ago.
Even worse for the DENR folks, disposing of a mountain of coal ash (that’s been building up for forty years) may not be their diciest problem. Not by a long shot.
Coal ash is a catastrophe. But Grand Jury Investigations and subpoenas flying through the air are an altogether more worrisome development. Dancing the ‘ole political two step’ with an FBI agent doesn’t work. And in Grand Jury investigations people testify under oath so fibbing is off the table. If you’re a DENR employee or a lobbyist who lobbied a DENR employee you’re face to face with a cold hard fact – the Grand Jury is looking for an answer to a simple question: Did someone in DENR cut Duke Power a break? And did he or she get anything in return?
This kind of investigation can be the deadliest calamity in politics. There’re no backroom fixes. No quarter is given. And the consequences can be a lot more unfortunate than losing an election.


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3 comments on “Deadly Politics

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looking to your question….”Did someone in DENR cut Duke Power a break? And did he or she get anything in return?”…I am wondering if this is just about current things happening or about what’s been happening within DENR throughout the past few dacades with democrats and republicans both having control of that agency. I think this coal ash tragedy happening while republicans have control of NC politically isn’t going to wash with most of the intelligent electorate. It’s great rhetoric and spin for democrats to keep their heard in the fold…but most of we smarter voters know democrats were just as much in bed with Duke Power as republicans seem to have been and seem to be now.

    I guess the people that win will be the ones that have the best political ads on this.

  2. Anonymous says:

    And, of course, the investigation will not be from anything that came as a result of democrats being in total and complete control of North Carolina and totally in bed with Duke Power.

    I sometimes hate politics and politicians sometimes more than I hated that idiot that ran me over in Nam and knocked me into a bingeu (sp?) ditch. They caught him and no excuse or apology was forthcoming. I had to remain silent because of my rank and position. Most republicans have to remain silent today because of the MASSIVE retribution that will happen to them from the mainstream media when they lose due to voter fraud and lies and deception.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Be nice to know who’s in charge of putting together a Grand Jury to investigate who let Duke energy off the hook. Could we borrow that person for just a day to look into Benghazi, and the IRS targeting the Tea Party, and a few other problems that just get the brush off.

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