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Poor President Bush. Everyday he’s reminding me more and more of Jimmy Carter, a nice guy stumbling (after the man and the hour met) to the end of his term like a wobbly legged boxer – so that you just can’t help wanting it all to end.

Take yesterdays walloping: For two years the President’s been telling us Iran is on the verge of building a nuclear bomb. Now it turns out the Iranians stopped building nuclear weapons in 2003. The President was dead wrong and he might be forgiven that error except, instead of making the best of it, he dug in his heels Texas-mule style and said it didn’t matter, his policy hasn’t changed, his opinion hasn’t changed and, then, added, “What’s to say they couldn’t start another covert nuclear program.”

Saying: I’m wrong but it doesn’t matter because I’m right – is very puzzling logic. One day Iran is a threat because it’s building bomb. The CIA next day the bomb vanishes. But Iran’s still a threat.

Send in the clowns.

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One comment on “Dead Wrong, Again

  1. -1 says:

    Who is the clown now?

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