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A TAPster asks a good question:
“Why does nobody, or certainly almost nobody, mention Bob Etheridge by name when describing the factors that lead to Walter Dalton’s defeat? While Etheridge certainly wasn’t the sole source of Dalton’s problems, Etheridge certainly sucked every last dollar out of Dalton’s bank account thru early summer, leaving Dalton with almost zero dollars to begin a general election against someone with millions in the bank.
“Everybody talks about Perdue’s late decision to not run, Dalton’s this and Dalton’s that, but the expensive primary that kept Dalton from beginning his General Election race until mid-May, and to begin it broke, has to be significant by anyone’s rational analysis, so I’m puzzled as to why most commentators are shying away from mentioning it. It is doubtful that folks are trying to protect Etheridge’s brand, to enable him to run again in 2016.”


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5 comments on “Dalton's Etheridge Problem

  1. clarence swinney says:

    Hipporats? Remove tax cut for top 2% is Tax Increase
    Remove loophole is not tax increase????

    MIDDLE 20%=17%
    TOP 10=25%
    TOP 5%=14%
    TOP 1%=4%

  2. dap916 says:

    Unless the Etheridge and Dalton brand suddenly becomes somehow “acceptable”, those two are pretty much going to be relegated to giving speeches and being lauded as “former” North Carolina leaders.

    I doubt either one will have much of an impact on NC politics…other than possibly within the severe democratic base here in our fair state.

    Neither, to me, will make much of a difference going forward.

    But, hey, that’s just me.

  3. Chris says:

    Nothing more destructive than a politician who was rejected by the voters when he looks for his next meal ticket.

    Etheridge lost his House seat. He should go back to doing whatever he was doing before he got into politics — the voters decided that his services are no longer required.

    And, yes, I felt the same way about Rick Santorum.

  4. Carbine says:

    Etheridge’s “brand?” Seriously? When your brand is that of a half-drunk old-timer assaulting young men on the sidewalk I don’t see how there’s anything there worth protecting. The best thing the Democrats can do with Etheridge is to convince him to remove himself from the political scene–and possibly from the state–as quickly and quietly as possible.

  5. dap916 says:

    Has anyone noticed that neither Gary or Carter respond to what is said about their posts here on their front page? Yes…I know Carter has occasionally posted responses in the past. Gary? None that I can recall…and even if it is one or two, it’s so rare that all of we “Tapsters” should wonder why that is. Maybe we’re just lowly blogsters and “don’t have a clue”.

    Yes, Gary…we are “Tapsters”….you know, those that actually post here and respond to what is said here and are involved in the discussion. THAT’S a “Tapster”. Thanks.

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