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Last week McCrory got up at a press conference in Raleigh, lambasted Walter Dalton’s negative ads, then said he’d sued two of Dalton’s Democratic supporters for slander, but, then, it turned out McCrory hadn’t sued anyone – all he’d done was file a two page form called an ‘Intent to Sue’ which to any attorney worth his salt looked like pure bluff.
What happened next was the political equivalent of the earth shaking under Pat McCrory’s feet. The Democrats called his bluff. And sued him. And mouse trapped him. Because now that lawsuit is going to count and those Democratic lawyers are making no bones about what they mean to do next: “We look forward,” attorney Michael Wiesel told the press, “To taking his (McCrory’s) deposition before November 2012, to answer questions about his tax returns, his clients and who is paying him to do what.”
Worse still, if you’re Pat McCrory, is who you just landed in a lawsuit with – not with Dalton but with two polecat Democratic groups and McCrory and those polecats are going to have a knife fight while Walter Dalton sits back enjoying himself.
In politics, like lighting out of a clear blue sky, the unexpected strikes. And it just struck Pat McCrory. And Walter Dalton must be counting his lucky stars.


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One comment on “Counting His Lucky Stars

  1. dap916 says:

    I’m not a lawyer and don’t want to be a lawyer. However, I know a number of lawyers as long-time friends and what I’m hearing about what is being presented here is that if McCrory’s lawyers are worth their salt, they can get “extensions” and file petitions and “work” these politically-motivated lawsuits so that they happen after November. But, let’s remember the key words here: “lawyers worth a salt”. We’ll see, won’t we?

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