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The State Democratic Party convention is in Fayetteville this weekend. If you go, you can see how much politics has changed in a lifetime.
State party conventions used to be a big deal. Huge crowds, lots of enthusiasm and a good chance to take a party’s temperature for the upcoming elections.
The latter is still true. The crowds, not so much.
This year, the party is combining the convention with the annual Sanford-Hunt-Frye dinner. That should help attendance.
Andrew Barksdale of the Fayetteville Observer had a useful preview of the convention. His story put me at odds with a local party official about Democratic prospects this year. But that’s fine.
Barksdale seemed surprised I wasn’t going to the convention.
Been there, done that.
Convention-goers are people who are willing to spend a summer weekend in suits and nice dresses listening to politicians give (mostly boring) speeches.
To all who go: There’s a special place in heaven waiting for you.


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5 comments on “Conventional Politics

  1. dap916 says:

    I’ve been to my share of conventions…lotsa years ago, though (republican…but they’re mostly the same, me thinks). I’m of your same opinion on most of what you said. This year I went to our county convention which was the first time I’ve been to one of those in…is it decades now? Yep. I had a horse in a county commissioner’s race (which ultimately didn’t work out) so wanted to go to show my support for him and to do what I could there with all those repubs in attendance :-). I’d NEVER attend a state convention again, however. Last time I went to one Howard Coble was merely a Congressional Club Member and great conservative republican that could be counted on for financial help for the party and selected candidates….especially Jesse and, of course, Ronald Reagan. So…years ago. Even then it was a boring thing..lotsa standing around nodding to folks and listening to people that were given the podium as a political favor/payback for some good deed or contribution or fundraising effort or because they were considered “up and coming” and the like. The dinner I lucked into (expensive per-plate fundraiser) for Jesse where he spoke, however, was a HUGE exception. This guy could SAY IT…but, that’s another story and it probably makes the libbies here sick to their stomachs haha…

    That’s not why I’m posting, though. I find it curious that you have chosen to “go there” with some of the things you’ve said, actually. It’s not anything specific but the general but in downplaying the democratic convention as a whole, I think. I wonder what kind of crowds there were at the 2008 NC democratic convention. I’m betting it was SRO full. The dems in NC had it going on those short 2 years ago. There was an energy within that party only equalled by when the repubs had it going on taking control of both houses of the legislature in D.C. way back when. I think Gary here knows that dems are going to take a bit of a beating in November all across the country and here in NC for sure (save something disasterous repubs stick their foot in, of course). He is saying he disagrees that people are saying that…but, I don’t think he disagrees as much as he’s got some really BIG wishful thinking going on…and hopes the pundits are wrong, or at least a little wrong (which I think possibly they may be a “little wrong” myself, to be honest).

    Suffice to say that the NC democratc party’s convention this year is gonna be a bit mundane for many reasons…one being their impending plight at the polls in November. I’m betting there’s gonna be a LOT of dem talking points all over the place and a LOT of spin and rhetoric to try to negate the feelings in that hall that they’re fighting an uphill battle this year and that they could face some gloom and doom. It’s gonna be “damage control”, kinda…betcha on that.

  2. Huh? says:

    Well from what I could tell the crowd was pretty good. There were 70 some counties represented and most of the 900 seats were filled. There were no long speeches this afternoon and enthusiasm was good. The process of approving the platform was easily done but of course as is almost always the case the resolutions were an opportunity for a few people drive everyone else crazy. Didn’t attend the evening dinner, too many long speeches. :>)

  3. dap916 says:

    I don’t know, Huh? I have “heard” that the NC Democratic Convention wasn’t all that well attended vs. other years…but, being a republican, I am willing to hear stuff like that :-).

    I did pick this up From a post on BlueNC that shows a video of a presentation the contributor at BlueNC was very proud of. Watching that video I noticed a lot of empty seats. But, there’s always a reason for that, of course.

    It was interesting to hear the speaker saying that the party faithful/party workers knew the names and addresses and phone numbers of those that voted in 2008 so that was where they needed to go in their efforts to get out the vote in 2010. Um…well…sure were a whole lot of independant and discouraged republicans that gave the demos their victories in 2008…and, well, I won’t EVEN talk about some of those first-timers/new registerees in the dem party that went to vote because Obama was on the ballot.

    Here’s the link…although I know you also peruse BlueNC and even used to post there. I know you have had a recent “run-in” with them so not sure if you still go there or not.

    You’ll have to copy & paste that URL to your task line….I don’t know how to post it on this part of TAP so you can just click on it to get there, sorry.


  4. Carbine says:

    A good friend of mine was there and told me that “about half” of the 720 seats (he had counted them) were occupied.

  5. Huh? says:

    Well Carbine and dap I didn’t bother to count how many seats were in the hall. The Fay. Observer was my source for the 900 number. When Young was speaking (Dap reference) that was at the very beginning of the convention, people were still milling around or hadn’t arrived yet. It was probably half full at that point. It’s neither here nor there, probably 600, give or take, convention attendees. It’s just the most active of the party activists that ever go to this sort of thing. Unless you really enjoy networking or really need to feel self-important they are pretty boring affairs.

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