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I’m very, very nervous… Democratic State Representative Marcus Brandon said.
Disagreeing, Republican Representative Michael Specialecountered, What’s the price of selling our souls?
When it comes to keeping ‘Common Core’ the politicians in Raleigh have divided into two armed camps.
Rep. Michael Speciale is dead-set against it. Rep. Marcus Brandon is for it.
Thom Tillis is against it. Kay Hagan is for it. 
Governor McCrory is for it (with reservations). Lt. Governor Dan Forest is against it without reservations.
In the News and Observer one Common Core opponent declared it ‘violates the Constitution’ – while the Chamber of Commerce declared it’s great and killing it will kill jobs.
A lady from New Bern declared, Common Core is anti-American. The readings teach kids to hate America – and I stopped reading right there, thinking, Governor McCrory anti-American?
Curious, I went online to find out exactly what about Common Core was un-American but finding an answer wasn’t as easy as it sounded. A search turned up hundreds of muddled rants scattered across websites from Raleigh to Timbuktu, none clearly explaining how Common Core was ‘anti-American.’ I was about to give up, thinking, This is just another political howl – when I spotted a nugget.
According to The Daily Caller, the experts at Common Core have perfected a sophisticated formula to rate the complexity of books so they can assign each book to the appropriate grade level – using the formula they rated The Sun Also Rises too simple for 4th graders and assigned it to third graders to read along with Curious George Gets a Medal
Which settles it. 
They ought to shut the whole thing down



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2 comments on “Common Core and Ernest Hemingway

  1. Anonymous says:

    When someone from the government tells me what my children will be reading, I get suspicious. It just fits too neatly into the leftist agenda, common, everyone on the same page, no individualism, but everyone reading the same books, everyone in step.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Carter, you of all people should understand that local control of our schools is a conservative and a Republican belief, and Common Core is totally contrary to that principle. Maybe you should look at the resolution against Common Core that the Republican National Committee adopted last year.

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