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I was never sure Cal Cunningham was totally committed to running for the Senate. Now I’m not sure he’s committed to sit it out.
A Machiavellian part of me suspects his withdrawal could be a ploy aimed at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.
The DSCC has been waiting – it seems like forever – for Bob Etheridge to make up his mind about running.
As I’ve said before, giving up a safe congressional seat for a risky Senate race doesn’t strike me as Etheridge’s style.
Two years ago, Kay Hagan dropped out of the Senate race when the DSCC was courting Grier Martin. When Martin passed, the DSCC went back to Hagan on hands and knees.
Maybe Cunningham is positioning himself for that two-step. If he is, my estimation of him will go up.


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One comment on “Comeback Cal?

  1. -1 says:

    The main thing for real Americans, is to make damn sure we do not get another idiot like Kay Hagan.

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