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Yesterday, Paul Coble reared up on his hind legs and brayed like a mule and hurled a mudball straight at George Holding – which is a sure sign Coble’s campaign is in trouble.
The rhubarb began Saturday at the debate – Coble rolled through a homily to himself then Bill Randall asked, What about your voting to give a $675,000 corporate subsidy to Red Hat – how was that conservative?
Coble stopped dead in his tracks, caught his breath, then said giving Red Hat Corporation $675,000 in tax breaks wasn’t any kind of corporate subsidy at all.
Then George Holding asked, Well, Paul, you also supported a $75 million tax break for one corporation and voted to give a low interest government loan to one of your contributors – weren’t those corporate subsidies?
You just don’t, Coble snapped, understand how government works.
Paul Coble went home, slept on that, then reappeared on Facebook boasting, “After an hour’s worth of hearing what I’d done right for the people of Wake County, my opponents decided they couldn’t take it anymore. Then puffing out his chest Coble added, Come to think of it – if I was my [opponent] competing against me, I’d be nervous too…
Then Coble hit the panic button and rolled out a negative radio ad that made it sound like George Holding was the one who’d supported spending $60 million in Obama Stimulus Funds as a County Commissioner and not Coble.
Next Coble launched a new website and lit into three of George Holding’s friends who helped found a Super PAC to elect George. And he didn’t stop there.
He attacked George’s friend Joe Knott. Then he attacked Joe’s son (who works in George’s campaign). Then he attacked Joe’s wife (who contributed to George’s campaign).
Joe Knott has been a pillar of the conservative community in Raleigh for thirty years. He served as Assistant U.S. Attorney under Ronald Reagan, taught a Bible Study class for two decades, supported Jesse Helms and ran for Attorney General in 2004 as the Republican nominee.
And Paul Coble called him a wild-eyed liberal who supports gay marriage and Obama-care.
It was just plain silly.
More to the point: When Paul Coble announced for Congress he asked Joe Knott to support him – apparently, the way Coble sees it, a man’s ideology is determined by who he supports for Congress.
You see this kind of foolishness a lot in politics – a candidate like Paul Coble runs for office but it doesn’t turn out like he expected and suddenly his campaign’s in trouble then he panics and in the next breath his ethics fly right out the window and he turns into just another politician.
We are living through hard times. With real problems. What Paul Coble just proved is simple: He’s part of the kind of politics that’s caused those problems.


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