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We avoided the dreaded fiscal cliff, only to fall over the cliff of confusion.
I was stumped when two Democrats asked: Do we like the deal – or not?
Well, we’re told it will prevent a stock-market panic and double-dip recession. That’s good, right?
The Tea Party and House GOP Taliban are mad. That’s good, right?
President Obama won – again – on higher taxes for the richest Americans. (“Again,” because he won the election on the same argument.) That’s good, right?
But some Democrats say Obama gave up too much. Bad, right?
The deal makes the deficit worse because it keeps the Bush tax cuts in place and raises spending. Bad, right?
And now we have to face another cliff – over the debt ceiling – in a month or two. Bad, right?
To clear up the confusion, I looked at how the North Carolina congressional delegation voted.
Liberal Democrat Brad Miller voted no. But so did conservative Democrat Mike McIntyre. And so did Republicans Patrick McHenry, Walter Jones, Virginia Foxx and Renee Ellmers.
Democrats David Price, Mel Watt and Kay Hagan voted yes. So did Republicans Richard Burr and Howard Coble.
Now I’m really confused.


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5 comments on “Cliffhanger

  1. dap916 says:

    One of your better ones, Gary. I was confused myself seeing those votes and watching this whole debacle…not only by our own NC delegation but by others in Congress on both the democratic and republican side. But then, I started doing some thinking (yeah, I know, that was my first mistake :-).

    In my opinion, our legislators weren’t NEARLY as concerned about what was good or bad or right or wrong for America as they were concerned about their own political future. Washington D.C. has become far more about political and personal power and prestige than about “doing the job of the people”. Just for example..and there are many examples…Howard Coble is pretty much aging out and most probably won’t be running again in 2 years. Hey, even if he does run and gets “primaried” or even voted out, what’s the big loss to him, really? These votes on this, to me, were done with political fallout consideration in mind….and very little else.

    Our entire political system is almost totally dysfunctional. It’s become about politics and politics only. Yeah, I know our governmental system has been “political” for eons and eons. But in my considered opinion, it has NEVER been this divided (someone will probably come up with some exception or some period to prove me wrong on that, of course). We haven’t had a budget for what…4 years? What’s that all about? Gary, you can point a finger at the republicans with some great facts and figures to show how all of this is their fault. Carter can point his own finger with excellent facts and figures to show how democrats are to blame. And, in the meantime….we Americans get the middle finger.

    What’s the answer? Evidentally, no one knows.

  2. clarence swinney says:

    No Bush Administration
    4 of Gore
    4 of Hillary
    No Two Wars
    No Tax Cuts
    No Deficits
    Debt paid down
    Balanced Budgets
    Universal Health Care
    Realistic Minimum Wage
    Happiness in America

  3. dap916 says:

    HAHAHAHAHA….Tough to imagine, clarence. “No Deficits”??? hahahahaha “Debt paid down”??? “Balanced Budgets”???? hahahahahahahahahahaha….Right. The democratic party is all about that. Uh, huh. There isn’t a democratic politician alive that would make those things happen if he/she became prez. Shoot…there isn’t a republican politician alive that would do it. What’s the answer? All of the ludicrous posts and skewed facts and figures you present mean squat, my man. What we need is a predominance of politicians with some nads that know that to solve our fiscal problems people in America are going to have to hurt…and yeah, most will be the lower-income, less-fortunate. A whole lot of these people will be what politicians label “middle-income”. But, it’s either that or it’s just one more country that thinks that making everyone “equal” will solve all of a country’s problems only to fall into failure and go down in flames of good intention. America is supposed to be different than that. Our “good times” have run their course, I guess. Our culture has changed in such a big way. We now admire those that get from government. We accept that as the “new normal”. We now are starting to show hate for religious values. Our children have become products of technological innovation to the point that they have lost sight of reality.

    A majority of Americans have learned that they can vote to “receive” from government. When that point happened, it spelled the beginning of the end of our country, as we know it.

  4. Carbine says:

    Contrary to popular opinion (egged on by our historically ignorant press) the US Congress is doing exactly what it was elected to do. The job of each congressman is to represent his constituents, not to go along with whatever the president wants, or give in to those who think differently than his constituents, or “get things done” in DC. That’s why we have a “House of Representatives,” not a “House of Compromisers.”

    Both sides are fighting as hard as they can to impose their constituents’ collective will upon the nation, just as they promised to do during their campaigns. Not one single Congressman or Senator was elected on a pledge to go along with the opposing party’s ideas just to “get something done.” The Democrats’ vision of punishing the economically successful, while borrowing un-repayable amounts to buy the support of everyone else won out this time. The country has slipped a little further down the muddy road towards third world status as a result. Perhaps next time the Republicans will win. It’s called politics, and it’s not that hard to understand.

  5. clarence swinney says:

    ————-FY 2008—2011 (Billions)
    Cash Aid——130—–145
    soc services—-36——37

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