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The biggest demographic problem for the Republican Party may not be Hispanics, but cities – and increasing urbanization.
In 2012, Democrats won in cities, and Republicans won outside the cities. The more urban a state’s population, the more likely it voted for Obama.
Unfortunately for Republicans – in North Carolina and nationally – cities are where the growth is. Already, the Southern Growth Policies Board says, almost 60 percent of the U.S. population lives in cities of one million or more.
And the trend is accelerating. That’s because most job growth is in the cities – like the Triangle and Charlotte metro areas.
By 2030, North Carolina is expected to grow by another three million people. Where do you think they’ll live?
This is all part of the “Big Sort.” People in cities are younger and more culturally attuned to Democrats. One example: attitudes about gay marriage.
Governor-elect McCrory won big partly because he did better in cities, especially his home county of Mecklenburg. He beat Romney there by some 40,000 votes.
Maybe that’s why McCrory and Speaker Thom Tillis were less vehement about Raleigh’s Dix deal than Senator Phil Berger.
For Democrats, this is all reason for hope.
For McCrory, it poses a policy/political question: Does he resist this trend with his economic-development policies? Does he try to force job growth away from cities? Is that even doable?


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5 comments on “Cities and Republicans

  1. dap916 says:

    Oh, for crying out loud. Gary…what “demographic” lives in the urban areas? What “demographic is increasingly moving into the urban areas? C’mon, man. We’re not that stupid.

    If you checked out the last election results, you’ll see that the urban areas…where the predominance of minorities live…voted in a huge way for Obama. That’s where these people move to because that’s where there is the most availability for getting “assistance”.

    I’m just SO happy me and my family WORK for what they have even if it’s not what they would like to do or have. That culture is gone in America now.

  2. clarence swinney says:

    #1 Highest percent of workers in low pay jobs=44%
    #2-Least tax on corporations as % of gdp
    #3-Least tax (fed-state-local)on citizens as % of gdp=30%
    #4 on Inequality from bottom 5 in 1980
    What happened who is to blame?
    David Jay Johnson reported on MSNBC that the average income of the bottom 90% has fallen back to the 1966 level in inflation adjusted dollars. The Minimum wage has declined the same.
    A privatized system to redistribute upwards the top incomes zoom while middle class is stagnated in income and wealth.
    It is outrageous not to tax those who have made ultra millions. Top 2% own 50% all financial wealth and get 30% all individual income. They includes incomes of 4000 Million 3000 Million, etc. One family own as as must wealth as bottom 90% of families.
    10% own 73% net wealth—83% financial wealth and get 50 individual income.

    Reagan began flush up with 60 tax cut for top. Bush increased it with huge tax cut for top.
    Republicans are party of Spend but borrow let kids pay tomorrow. Democrats are the party of spend but get revenue(tax) to pay your way.

  3. dap916 says:

    So, swinney, you’re on board with bringing socialism to our country then?


  4. Carbine says:

    I don’t think he can answer you, Dap. “He” seems to be some kind of bot, posting random bits of leftist flotsam and jetsam culled from leftist wing-nut sites. Either that, or it’s some guy who periodically “loses” his medications. That’s why it never makes any sense and is always factually wrong. I don’t bother reading them anymore.

  5. dap916 says:

    No answer from swinney…..guess he truly IS on board with socialism for America.

    Anyone here truly want to listen to his idiocy now?

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